Sounders Insider

Traore on Sounders debut; Alonso on season debut; both on what's needed to advance

On debut: I’m disappointed in the result. Away from home it was 1-nil; we’re still in the competition. I think we did a good game. We defend well. Now we need to think about the second leg and do everything to win that leg and to go forward.

On joining back line: It’s not easy of course because they’re used to playing together, but I tried to find my place on that team and I try to work hard every session in training, and to know my teammates much better. I think in a few games it will be much better, to try to understand everybody and for them to understand me.

Tigres' early chances: We know when we came here that it was a great team. They attack very well and we were aware of the way they play. And of course the atmosphere in the stadium. We knew that they could push forward … so we tried to stick together and to defend. Yes, of course, we were a bit lucky on that first occasion they had. Apart from that I think we defend very well. On what's needed in second leg: Of course now we play at home in front of our fans. We lost the first game, so now of course we need to win that game and I think with the fans behind us in the stadium I think we do great results. What’s more important for us is to keep the clean sheet back home and of course score a goal and to be honest I think we have the people who can score a goal and make a difference, so we should be sure to defend very well and to do the job.

And this from Sounders midfielder Osvaldo Alonso:

On the game: Disappointing. A loss is always disappointing. But 1-0 is not bad. We’ve got a chance to play in Seattle, to win this thing. It’s going to be a tough game, but we have a chance to win it. … We lost 1-0. It’s better than 2-0. We come back home to play more confident now, because 1-0. It’s always tough to play down, but we have confidence to play in Seattle in front of our fans, and we have the opportunity to beat this team.

On what Sounders did well: They are a team that likes to possess the ball. They play quick. We play like hold the line back, play good defense, and try to go forward when we got the ball. Always tough playing here in Mexico. They have a good team, you know? But like I say before, we have more chance, we play at home. We hope to win this series.

On his first game of the season: I feel good. I feel my body’s OK. I walk away without injury. Always good to play 90 minutes. So I hope the next game to be 100 percent again.

On what’s needed to advance Tuesday: We have to play like a last game, from first minute to 90 minutes with high energy to win this game.