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Reports say Tigres did not travel star players

Tigres UANLSome Spanish-language websites are reporting that Tigres traveled a roster that is heavy on reserve and younger players for the Tuesday night CCL match with the Sounders.

For the most part, Sounders coach Sigi Schmid and the Sounders sounded confident today that Tigres would once again go with the first-choice lineup they have been using through Liga MX and similar to the one they used in the first leg of the Sounders series last week.

However, he did allow for an exception if Tigres' manager looked forward instead to its weekend Liga MX match instead. This is how Schmid put it: "He might feel at little bit, 'Well, I got the result at home that I sort of wanted. This group is good enough based upon what I saw.' Then he might make some changes, and if that's the case then we have to take advantage of that. But I think overall the respect level for each other's teams is much enhanced over what it was (a few years ago)."

My translation program isn't perfct -- as you shall see -- but here's what it picked up from this report from the Publisports website:

For the first leg Quarterfinal of Concachampions coach Tigres , Ricardo Ferretti, used almost 100 percent of their starting lineup to face the Seattle Sounders. In the back will be different, because although the cats did not take much advantage to win 1-0 in just the "Volcano" for Tuesday's game did not travel their star players. Among the elements that traveled to Seattle include Jorge Leon Day, Aaron Fernandez, Rene Zamora, Jorge Espericueta, Manuel Viniegra, Alberto Acosta, Jesus Dueñas , Taufic Guarch and Hugo Rodriguez. After the trust received by "Tuca", Elias Hernandez and Alan Pulido were grateful and hope to show that Ferretti is not wrong to send them to this meeting. "It's going very good team, we will try to settle it will not be easy, we have little difference, but it allows enough. You have to keep the lead the first time and then look for a move to score, "commented Elias. While Pulido expected to take this opportunity , as the League has had few minutes. "I have not had much involvement in yesterday's match I played (against St. Louis) and these parties serve to grip confidence and now that I got the opportunity to be seized." "We're motivated because we had confidence, we know that the away goal account and we will look," said Pulido before traveling to Seattle.

Here's what the Tigres website had to say:

With the firm idea that they can win on U.S. soil, the Tigres UANL traveled this afternoon bound for Seattle, looking to keep in your bag a spot in the semifinals of the Champions League Concacaf. The table directs Ricardo Ferretti has a 1-0 lead over the Sounders, who seek to convert their artificial pitch as his best ally to reverse the score in front of our team. For this trip the Technical decided to leave Monterrey to holders, carrying 16 players, three of them in the Under 20 as Jorge Espericueta, Joshua Aguilar and Martin Reyes. Around 13:00 hours the cat came to campus Monterrey International Airport to board a flight to Seattle with a stop in the city of Dallas, Texas. The team called up for this game, plus the Under 20, are Jorge Diaz de Leon, Aaron Fernandez, Jose Rivas, Alonso Zamora, Hugo Rodriguez, Manuel Viniegra, Jesus Dueñas, Elias Hernandez, Jonathan Bornstein, Alan Pulido, Abraham Stringel Alberto Acosta and Taufic Guarch. Plans are to train on Monday in Seattle Stadium at 18:00 local time, as a recognition of court.