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Reports say Martins freed to join Sounders

Multiple reports on both sides of the ocean today are saying the Sounders are about to successfully conclude their pursuit of striker Obafemi Martins.

There is no word yet from the Sounders.

Update from general manager Adrian Hanauer: "I'd rather not comment on anything at this time. We have nothing official to announce. We'll obviously announce something if and when it come to fruition. But as I've said from the beginning, Oba is a player that we've been circling the wagons on and there seem to be a number of indicators that suggest that he might be playing for Seattle at some point in the near future, and I'm not going to deny that those indicators are out there, and that it's possible that we may have a new forward coming into the team at some point here in the near future."

Here is a basic overview from

Obafemi Martins moved one step closer towards becoming a member of the Seattle Sounders on Monday. Martins' current club, La Liga side Levante, announced that the striker had been released from his contract. Levante will reportedly received $3.9 million ($3 million euros) in the deal, according to reports out of Spain. The move to make Martins a free agent is expected to pave the way for him to complete his long-rumored move to Seattle as a Designated Player.

Here's one report, translated from Spanish.

Obafemi Martins will end today, almost certainly, to his time as a player in the Levant. The club assumes the progress of Nigeria, this afternoon will pay 3 million euros of the termination clause in the League headquarters. Today, in training, both the president Quico Catalan as sporting director and coach Manolo granota Salvador, Juan Ignacio Martinez, took for granted the progress of the player in the next few hours to end a problem that had existed for many days.

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