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Ochoa, Estrada talk MLS/Mexican soccer rivalry

Here's some of what they had to say about MLS' efforts to catch and pass Liga MX as the top league in the CONCACAF region.

OCHOA on if Sounders advancing would mean MLS is closing the gap: It could be. You saw Houston. It’s getting a little closer. I just think that if we play more Mexican teams we would get better facing them and we would find the style they play. Right now we don’t know: They keep the ball, then they attack. It’s just different because the games in CONCACAF, we go down there to defend, they’re going to come up here to defend; so it’s hard to compare.On the impact of an MLS team ousting a Mexican team: I think for MLS it will be a good thing. I don’t know about (Mexican clubs and fans) or how they would take it. But if we win, I’m glad to take it.

On Tigres drawing around 35,000 for the first leg: They’ve been a good crowd team. They’ve got good support. I don’t know if they’re going to have fans here, because it’s so far away. But we’re going to have our fans he re, and it’s going to help us out.

ESTRADAOn playing Tigres: Just to be able to make the trip and be part of the atmosphere in Monterrey, it was unbelievable. It would be awesome for our team to pull an upset. They are definitely the best team in Mexico right now. For us to have a crowd here at home and hopefully get a win.

On MLS gaining credibility with Mexican fans: It’s been a slow progress to get that recognition, but I think over the past few years the teams have gone down there and proven themselves. You saw what Houston did. Hopefully they can go down there and do a little bit better than we did last year at Santos. I think it’s growing, and I think we’re going to have a good chance (tonight).