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Tigres coach cites red card, great goals, bad ref

Tigres UANLHere is some of what Tigres had to say tonight after being eliminated from CONCACAF Champions League by Seattle:

Coach Ricardo FerrettiOn the game...) "There were three factors that caused us to no longer be in the CONCACAF. The first one was the red card obviously. But it was deserved because it was the second molestation - it was a real foul there. The second was two very good goals, especially the second one. I even applauded because it was very impressive. The third reason was how bad the referee was. He allowed the opposing team to be too aggressive against us. He let go many of those fouls that should've been punished. I don't want to take away anything from Seattle's victory. They didn't need this kind of help, but playing against 12 is harder than usual." On the rumors that you don't like to play in this type of tournament [because of the red card] ...) "There's nothing like that. We like to come play in these types of tournaments. It is a great opportunity to qualify for the world cup of the champions clubs. We like to participate in this game, but the level of referee that we have in the CONCACAF zone doesn't really match the expectation that a tournament like this should have." On getting an early lead...) "We never give a game or felt the game was gone when we scored the first goal. We kept fighting for it, but certain things happened and that's where we are today."

On if not having the full team here affected the outcome of the match ...) "I have plenty of confidence in my whole team and all the different members I have on my roster. The proof of that is that during the game before the red card expulsion, we were playing well, we were winning 1-0 and we had an opportunity for 2-0, but something like a red card changes everything. We know that Seattle is a very strong team and 11 against 11, it was going to be a difficult game. But 11 against 12, it becomes even more complicated so that's what happened."

On whether the series was lost in Mexico by scoring only one goal there...) "I don't think so. We would've liked to have more goals in Mexico, but having one gave us a victory. Coming back here, I say again, before the red card, we were in control of the game and everything was going as planned. Then things turned around when Seattle scored the second goal."

On what he'd say to the fans of his club...) "We always play with all our desire to give our fans that support us the best result possible. Sometimes we are able to achieve this. That's an objective that me and the owner of the team try to set up - to give our fans the best experience and best result possible. We have been able to achieve some of those things, and some we have not. We're going to keep fighting to give them the best results possible." Jorge Dias de Leon - Tigres UANL GoalkeeperOn if he thinks that the red card influenced the result of the game...) "Yes, absolutely. When we were with 11 men on the field, we were running the ball and had more control over the game. After that, it certainly influenced the result of the game." On the atmosphere of the game, the stadium and the Sounders' fans...) "I had heard and had informed myself that the Sounders had great fans, possibly the best fans in the world, and it was indeed a lot of noise. They have a lot of supporters. It was nice and congratulations to the Sounders."

Jonathan Bornstein - Tigres UANL MidfielderOn the atmosphere of the game...) "The atmosphere is always great here. I think even with the rain and the weather and the cold, I think they bring out a great cold here in Seattle. We had a lot of good fans here supporting us so overall the atmosphere of the fans here was great." On how the red card came into play in the second half...) "The red card hurt us. Obviously we were down a man over half of the game. I think we were working hard to take the lead, but hey were attacking with numbers. It was tough to hold them off, we were on our heels, and they got those three goals, two really amazing goals so you have to tip your hat to that, but it's just unfortunate that we had to get that red card in the way that we got it."