Sounders Insider

Joseph on his debut; Evans on his return

JOSEPHOn how he feels: Physically great. I’ve been doing good things the last week or two, trying to get my fitness back and make sure I’m sharp, make sure I’m fit. And this week it’s going to feel great getting the guys back and seeing everybody back and everybody healthy.

On playing Saturday: Yeah. Hopefully I can make it out to Salt Lake. But I’ve got to take one day at a time. Today was a great day for me. I worked hard, I feel great going out there practicing with the guys. Tomorrow’s the same thing: just keep working hard all week and make sure I’m ready when Sigi gives me that call.On frustration of watching: We’ve got great competitors on this team and each and every time we go out there we want to win. Having started so slow, it’s kind of frustrating. But it’s a long season. We’ve got to put that one behind us … and look forward to this weekend. A lot of games left. Get everybody on the same page, everybody practicing, everybody competing. Once we start finding our identity we’re going to be good soccer to watch because we’ve got great players on this team. Everybody’s technical, everybody’s good that their position. We’re going to have 22-24 guys that’s going to compete week in and week out for the 11 spots on the field.

On his possible Sounders debut: I’m really excited. I can’t explain it in words how excited I am to get out there and wear that No. 21 on my back and represent these colors. They take the chance on me, and I just want to repay that favor. It’s a week of practice, I’m looking forward to that Salt Lake game and just keep moving forward.

EVANSOn return to health: Glad to be back in full training. Probably could have pushed it last week, but better safe than sorry. Better to miss one more game and hopefully be 100 percent and get on a good streak.

On the state of the team: I think we take a look at the first three games, and obviously it’s not the way we wanted to start the season. No team wants to start that way. But at the end of the day, it’s a 1-0 loss, a 1-1 tie, and another 1-0 loss. So you can try to pull positives out of it and say, ‘Oh, we haven’t gotten blown out yet’ – this that and the other – but you know, we haven’t scored many goals also. But we look at tape and we’ve created chances and we’re right there. It’s not time to panic, things like that. There becomes a time when you lose a lot of games and it becomes chippy and practice doesn’t become fun any more, it becomes your backs are up against the wall. We haven’t hit that point yet.

On possible use as right back: I want to play, No. 1. And when we have Shalrie healthy, and Maurio and Mario and Ozzie, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. Credit DeAndre, he’s played extremely well the past couple of games, and he provides something back there where he can almost take more risks and more chances because he’s so quick and so fast in recorvey that he can get up and down the flanks really well. So we’ll see what happens. It will be an interesting week once everybody gets back here this week and we look to Salt Lake. Somebody’s going to get left out and it’s a quality player, and that’s the name of the game. If we want to push forward we’ve still got to battle, and whoever that guy is, you still put your head down and work. There’s always going to be times when everybody’s not going to be healthy at the same time. Somebody’s going to be either having a little injury or they’ve played a number of games and you want to give them a break, things like that. So guys will find their way onto the field.