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No April Fooling: Sounders in final four of CONCACAF while last in MLS West

This should be an exciting and celebratory time for Sounders FC: the eve of its first appearance in the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals, the Final Four of this region of the planet.

However, the team's 0-3-1 start in MLS clearly remains on their minds today.

So, I asked coach Sigi Schmid if the Sounders are confident they know which of those teams they really are.

"What are we now? is it April 1? It's April Fools day so I'm going to pull an April Fool's on you: 'Sorry, just kidding: That's not really our record.'

"No, it's a situation where we've had really one practice where we've had the whole team together. So being able to work on something or do something has been very difficult, and trying to figure how everything meshes on the field -- How Eddie and Oba are going to play off of each other, how's that going to relate to the rest of the team -- we haven't had a chance to do any of that.Now obviously with the injury to Estrada we lose him again. We're picking and choosing sometimes, so that's made it a little more difficult.

"So, do we really know where we're at right now? We probably don't, but we know for sure that we need to accomplish more than we have. And we will. It's just a matter of us getting it together at the right time."