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Defenders Yedlin, Scott on 1-0 loss

Here's some of what a couple of Sounders defenders had to say tonight after the 1-0 series-opening loss to Santos:

DeANDRE YEDLINOn Santos’ attack: “They were pretty good. They definitely find the second balls and have good impacting players and it’s hard to play against. On the game’s only goal: “It happened pretty fast…the ball bounced to their player. He was dribbling and I was tracking back. He shot and Marcus saved it, but Hercules got the rebound. On the team’s performance: “That’s a really good team, along with Real Salt Lake. I think we’re playing pretty well, second half we fell of a little bit. In terms of play we stepped it up a little bit.” On the resolution game Tuesday in Mexico: “It is a tough place to play, but luckily we get to go in there and give it our all. It’s all or nothing, so we can attack, attack, attack, we have to score goals…We’re just going to go in there, put in our best attacking lineup, I’m assuming, and try to score some goals.” ZACH SCOTTOn playing former teammate Herculez Gomez and Santos: “[Gomez] and Santos are a tough team. It is always tough when we play them.” On team’s performance: “From an effort standpoint, I think that is what we were missing the last couple of games, I think our sharpness and our quality can still come up. You know again it’s only five or six games into our season and we are still working kinks out. It wasn’t our top lineup, but still a pretty good one that at least gave us a chance to get a result.” On what it takes for this team to win: “I think the biggest one is we give ourselves the best chance of winning if we go in there and put in an honest effort. I don’t think any of us could have said the last couple of games was the Seattle Sounders we want to represent.” On reaching top form: “The results aren’t there and we are going through bit of adversity, but you look at teams like LA last year and a couple other teams that have started out slow and it only really matters how you end the season.”