Sounders Insider

First win, health key topics among Sounders

The Sounders are off the training pitch for another day. They will train again tomorrow and then return to MLS play at 1 p.m. Saturday when New England Revolution visits CenturyLink Field.

There were two main themes today: The admitted importance of getting their first win of the season this weekend, and the health updates, which weren't overly encouraging.

Coach SIGI SCHMID on seeking that first win:"Pressure builds a little bit when you don’t get that win – especially when you feel that you should have gotten one, which we did against Portland a little bit. At the end of the day, the only thing that’s there is the standings, and we cant’ panic. I think LA at one point at the beginning of last year was 3-9-2 or something like that and obviously they won MLS Cup. We don’t want to end up at 3-9-2, but the thing is we need to get the first win under our belt and that once we’ve got it we need to go get the second one and then we need to go get the third one. Right now a win will certainly help our confidence.

SCHMID on the team's reaction to being in last place:"Dead last, by the way. It doesn’t matter what we do this weekend, we’re still going to be in last place. I don’t want to have this be earth-shattering to anybody here. We can win this weekend, and we’re still going to be the team with the least amount of points in this league. So you can still say, ‘Sounders win, but their still last,’ to be your headline. Just giving you a headline in case you’re looking for that one. But the main point for us is to win. To win, to get our confidence back. Yeah: They don’t like were they’re at right now, they don’t like that they’re winless. They feel they’re a better team than that. But we need to show that on the field. We can talk about it, or rant and rave in the locker room all we want. They can be upset about it at home and everything else. But at the end of the day it’s on the field. We’ve got to give it on the field on Saturday. Tuesday demanded a big effort from us, but we’ve got to come up with another big effort. That’s all it is.

Healthy-wise, Eddie Johnson (hamstring), Obafemi Martins (knee), Brad Evans (calf), all are still questionable, and David Estrada (eye) apparently still out.

"Oba, we’ll see," coach Sigi Schmid said. "It feels a little better, but I don’t know if it’s improved enough yet to play. Eddie, we’ll see. They were just (doing regeneration work) today. Evans, the key is how he feels tomorrow. He did much more today at training, so it’s how he feels tomorrow. ... (Estrada is) out there, but he’s not quite 100 percent cleared yet. He’s cleared to do activity, not really to head the ball at this stage. Now we have to see with this activity, whether he has any negative effects from it.”