Sounders Insider

Oba: "My knee is getting much better"

Soundes designated player/forward Obafemi Martins returned to training today after leaving the country last week for treatment on his injured knee.

Here's some of what he had to say afterward:

On his knee: Getting much better. My knee is getting much better. I started training today. I hadn’t been doing anything since last week. So I hope to get better soon.

On having the injury before: This injury is not new. I had been playing with it anyway. When it gets sore like this I have to take my time to take care of it.

On frustration of this happening on new team: Trust me: I just want to do everything right now. But because of my knee what can I do. I have to be patient and try to sort it out and try to join the team as soon as possible.

On team’s offensive struggles without him: We all lost. We just have to keep winning. That’s the only thing that’s going to pick the team up. We’ll do our best to do that as soon as possible.

On recurring injury: I have to do something to play as soon as possible to join the team. I hope I’m going to have time to take care of it … There’s no surgery. I just want to treat it and start playing.

When? I hope soon. I hope on Saturday. But like I say, I want to take care of it, I want to treat it as soon as possible.