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Sounders remember LA's staggering start of '12

Here's more of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say after Sounders' training today:

On what they can take from Tuesday as they get back into league play) “Obviously the result wasn’t good and I thought we put ourselves in a position to advance, but our finishing wasn’t good, so we have to do a better job of finishing. We have to continue to create chances. If we can create chances against Santos, we have to carry that into our league play and create chances, but then we have to finish the chances we create. It’s a lot easier for our defense if we can play with a one-nothing lead than playing from behind.” On the New England Revolution) “They haven’t given up many goals. I think they’ve only given up two goals in the games they’ve played so far. They’re off to a little bit of a slow start and I’m sure they’d like to be doing better. They’ve got quality players and they’ve got attacking options there with [Jerry] Bengston and Lee Nguyen and a few of the other guys—Kelyn Rowe, etc. They want to make things happen on the offensive end, as well.” On if the mentality of the team is different after being eliminated from Champions League) “I don’t know if it affects our mentality. It’s a little bit disappointing because Champions League has been part of our DNA over the last three years, so to know that the earliest we can be back in it is in August of 2014 is a little disappointing for us. It’s sort of a rhythm we’ve gotten used to a little bit. For us, the objective has been the same. The objective has been to play better soccer and to win games, whether it’s Champions League or league. Now we’re limited to league games and we’ve got to win those games and carry the effort that we put forth in the game Tuesday to the game that we play on Saturday.” On if there is any type of relief not participating in Champions League this summer) “Not for me, and I’m sure for the guys the same. I’m sure when Champions League starts up and those Tuesdays and Wednesdays hit, those guys are going to be looking at the TV saying, ‘Hey, we sort of miss being part of that.’ Sometimes you complain about something, but when you’re not part of it you miss it. It’s an objective that we’ve always had as a club to be part of that competition, and it’s something we want to make sure at the end of the year that we qualify ourselves for.” On needing to get that first league win) “Pressure builds a little bit when you don’t get that win, especially when you feel that you should have had one, which we did against Portland a little bit. At the end of the day, the only thing that’s there is the standings, and as I said before we can’t panic. I think LA at one point at the beginning of last year was something like 3-9-2 and obviously they won MLS Cup. We don’t want to end up at 3-9-2, but the thing is we need to get the first win under our belt, and once we get that one we need to get the second one, and then we need to go get the third one. Right now, certainly a win will help our confidence.” On the team potentially pressing too hard trying to get their first win) “That’s just human nature. We’ve talked to guys about just doing your thing, be relaxed, play your game, don’t try to do too much, and we’ll continue to do that. We went into the game against Santos, even at halftime we said, ‘Look, there’s no reason to panic, we knew we had to get two goals to come out of here with a win. Don’t lose your shape, don’t go crazy.’ I thought we came out in the second half and played within ourselves and created chances and got ourselves into a position. We need to do the same as we go into league.” On the importance of getting a win before the road stretch) “You want to get it. Obviously, when you look after those four games, the imbalance—we’ve played a lot more road games than home games, and we’ll make those up later. We want to get this one at home. We want to get it for ourselves, we want to get it for our fans. We want to get it for us as a team.” On performing on the field) “The main point for us is to win—to win, to get our confidence back. They don’t like that they’re winless. They feel like they’re a better team than that, and we have to show that on the field. We can talk about it, we can rant and rave in the locker room all we want, they can be upset about it at home and everything else, but at the end of the day it’s all on the field. We have to give it on the field on Saturday. Tuesday demanded a big effort from us, but we’ve got to come up with another big effort—that’s just the way it is.”

On the Revolution playing without Kevin Alston) “It probably helps service some motivation for them. Alston is a guy who’s been on that team for a while. Guys are close, and when you lose a member of the team to something like that you realize that life is more than just a game. I’m sure they’d like to give those wins to him and dedicate it to him, but that’s their issue right now. Our prayers and thoughts are with Kevin, as well, and we hope things go well for him in his treatment, but we have our own concerns in regards to soccer.”