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Joseph, other Sounders, disappointed with draw

The Sounders' postgame mood certainly was more that of a team that felt it lost two points rather than a team that had earned a point.

Here's some of what they had to saw afterward:

Former Rev SHALRIE JOSEPHOn the game...) "It's disappointing. The feeling throughout the locker room is a feeling of disappointment. We put out a great effort as a team. We created chances. We moved the ball well. But at the end of the day, not getting three points is disappointing and frustrating." On his MLS debut for Sounders FC...) "It felt great. From the moment I got out there with the crowd chanting and the atmosphere is unbelievable. It's just disappointing that we weren't able to get the three points. That's why we came out here tonight. We pushed the team from the starting whistle, moved the ball well and dominated possession. Like I said, disappointing we weren't able to get three points." On how he feels physically...) "I feel great. A little tired towards the end but the more practice and the more games I get the better I'm going to be, the stronger I'm going to be, and the better the team is going to be. It's going to take a little bit longer than we expected to get that win. We played well tonight and there's a lot of positives we can take from that as we move forward to next week." On the positives from the game...) "I think we dominated the game from the start of the whistle. I think we had like 65 to 70-percent of the ball and we created a lot of chances. Steve [Zakuani] was very dangerous up top, and Lamar [Neagle] up top with him. We got Mauro [Rosales] involved early in the game, which is good for our team, and then Ozzie was brilliant in the middle like he always is. The back four were unbelievable tonight so it was a great team performance. There's a lot of positives we can take from it but at the end of the day we just weren't able to get the three points we needed. We are looking forward to next week and we will move on to there."

Forward LAMAR NEAGLEOn the game...) "It's nice to put everything together, but obviously we wanted this win. We had our chances that we couldn't put away, and we really needed these three points before going on these road games. It's obviously disappointing, but it's nice to see our offense going. Like I said before, we really need to score the goals."(On the game, continued...) "I was hoping this was going to be one of those games to get us started, so it is very frustrating when we are in front of their goal for half the game, and can't get it in the back of the net." On playing forward...) "I felt good. It is a very fun position for me, less defensive responsibility and staying high and being a nuisance on the defenders. It's much more fun than tracking back and keeping track of guys." Forward STEVE ZAKUANIOn the game...) "When you draw 0-0 at home in a game and you dominate like that, it's disappointing. Even more so because of the situation we're in - we're trying to get wins. We had a lot of chances and I did create some. That left-footed one, that was as close as I could do it. I hit the ball pretty well and it went close. The one in the first half where I caught the guy and shot with the right foot ... you can look back and always say put it lower, but as it happens ... it was happening on the fly. I just can't buy one at the moment. But these things happen in football. The biggest disappointments for me are those small ones that can turn one point into three points. I feel more disappointed for my teammates because I really want to get those balls in, but at the same time I know that once that first ball goes in, it turns around. Overall, we are happy with how we played, but at this point, the result is what's most important and we didn't get it again. You can't fault the guys' effort or play. We were aggressive, we took the game to them, we were fighting ... we just need one goal to go in. We just need it. That's the most disappointing thing." Meanwhile, from the Revs' locker room:

Goalkeeper BOBBY SHUTTLEWORTHOn their performance...) "I think it wasn't our best stuff today. We didn't keep possession as long as we wanted to. But we came in here and we fought and I think that showed." On Sounders' early attack...) "We knew in the first 15 minutes they would come out flying. We knew the crowd was going to be into it. We talked about weathering the storm in the first 15 minutes and trying to play after that." On the weather throughout the game...) "I don't think the weather really affected it. Some guys prefer it when it's slick because it's faster. Once it started to rain in the second half I don't think it affected the game." On Sounders FC....) "I don't think their record reflects what kind of team they are. I think they are better than that. To come in here, you know it's one of the more difficult places on the road, and we would rather to come out with three points, but we will take one." Defender CHRIS TIERNEYOn the game...) "It was a tough game. We knew it was going to be. Coming to Seattle, they are a good team, and a better a team than their record reflects. They play tough at home; their fans get behind them. It's a tough place to play." On the scoreless draw...) "I'm just glad we kept another clean sheet. These guys have been rock solid defensively and Bobby came through with some saves when we really needed them. Defensively we have to be proud of the effort, but hopefully we will get things together offensively and score some goals."