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Sounders balancing belief with urgency

LogoSoundersAt 0-3-2, Sounders FC remains last in MLS and the league's only winless team.

However, they seem to still look in the mirror and see one of the better teams in the league reflected back at them.

Here's what some of them had to say today about balancing what they believe they are with what the record says they are.

Midfielder SHALRIE JOSEPHWe know what we have in the locker room, we know the potential we have on the team. Once we get out there and we start clicking together it’s going to show. It showed a little bit in the Revolution game, and if we had been able to score it would have been a different result, different game, everything over all. But the potential and the talent we have on this team, and the guys’ hunger and their work rate, you can’t ask for more. We know we’re one of the better teams in the league, but we can’t say that; we’ve got to go out there and prove it week in and week out, and it’s going to have to start this weekend.
Midfielder BRAD EVANSI’m still so confident in this team. I don’t think anything’s changed. I think you could ask anybody that and everybody is still confident in what we do. I know that we’re 0-3-2, but you walk into the locker room and guys are still ready to get back to work. The season isn’t a wash. And I think that’s the most important thing for us in the locker room to keep it positive and to keep the positive vibe going because we’ll be standing around and shaking our heads and how are we 0-3-2. You look around at the guys on the team, the quality, the chances we’ve created, things like that. It doesn’t feel (0-3-2), but that’s the reality of it. We just have to put our heads down and work and hopefully get on the right side of the result.

There’s no outside pressure. It’s just all from within. As long as we keep it to zero like we did this week, keep creating chances, and I think we’ll find ourselves getting the three points.

(Balancing urgency with confidence) is difficult. But I think our locker room has done a good job of that. I think it’s a maturity thing more than anything. It’s kind of keeping the head on straight, and coming out and working everyday, and refining what we need to do. … We’ll keep working on our passing, which I think has been good. We’ve out-possessed every team we’ve played, except I think Salt Lake. And we’ve been in all the games. I’m still 100 percent confident in this team and getting on the right end of things.

Coach SIGI SCHMIDWe’re at a stage where we know we’ve got to win and that’s the pressure we put on ourselves. It’s not like when you look at our last … two and a half games, going back to the second half against Salt Lake. It’s not like we’ve been terrible. I think we’ve played fairly well over hat period of time. It’s just a matter of us making sure that we bang away the goals. We’ve got two games in hand on a lot of teams ahead of us. If we can win those two games in hand, there’s a lot of teams tied at eight. It’s just a matter of us not panicking, of us believing in what we can do, but also of recognizing that there’s some urgency there too: that we don’t want to keep waiting, that we want to get it done sooner rather than later.

You always question things when you’re not winning. … I think the right group is still here in the vast majority. Obviously on the edges there’s some tinkering that can be done or could be done. … I think there’s enough talent here to get the job done. I don’t think there’s a lot of teams in this league that would say, ‘Oh, we hope we get to play the Sounders, they’re not very good.’”