Sounders Insider

Relieved Sounders want to build on win

Here's some of what the Sounders players had to say tonight after their first win of the season, 1-0 at Colorado:

Midfielder Brad EvansOn being winless before this game:We shot ourselves in the foot a little bit, took some pressure, but I think we absorbed it well and now we got our first two points of the year.

On the momentum slowing for them in the second half:I think in the back of everybody's mind is we really want to get this, and let's not blow it sort of thing. We played a little too cautious, not as free flowing as in the first half. Maybe a little bit too defensive for a little too long. We didn't want to make that one mistake that ends up in a tie or something like that.

On getting the result:The most important thing is we can figure out how to win different ways. I thought in the first half we played well. We played some good soccer and connected well. I thought the goal came from a really good buildup. There's things we can build on the positive side, but there's also things we can look at in the last 20-25 minutes, getting our legs, having some composure and controlling the game a little bit more. We have some work to do. We can win pretty or we can win ugly. The most important thing is to get the points and try to make a run.

Forward Lamar NeagleOn getting the first win:It's a relief. Now everybody can kind of take a deep breath and we can get back into it. It's good to see us get a shutout and good to see us have a great celebration too.

On playing up top with Martins:Obviously he's a different player than some of our other forwards. I was trying to get it to his feet as much as possible, and let him create and let him do what he does. The more he sees the ball, the more successful we're going to be. I was just trying to win headers and stretch the defense so he could get space.

On getting some offensive output:I think we were able to stretch them. Through that, our midfield could move up and those guys can create for us as long as me and the other forwards are moving.

On whether he's getting comfortable in his forward role:I think my movement off the ball is getting better. My runs are getting better. Martins found me on the one where I hit the crossbar in the first half. I thought that was good movement and a good ball by him.

On having a two week break before the next league match:It's kind of disappointing. We finally get the first win. It is a little disappointing, but I'm sure we'll be able to work it out.