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Sounders train in sunshine; Schmid shares Reserves reaction, updates Ianni availability

The Sounders are off the training pitch for another day -- this one sunshiny and warm at Starfire.

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say afterward:

On the training conditions: It was actually nice to go out and not have to be with three layers of sweats on as we’re out here and training and dealing with rain. It’s nice. You get a little more response, a little more activity in the heat as well.

On the 2-1 reserves win over San Jose on Tuesday: They figured out a way to win the game, so it was good. Hahnemann’s minutes were solid. I thought Zavaleta was dangerous in the first half up front for us. I thought he did a good job. It was good to get Phillip Lund some minutes. He’s coming along. Ianni ended up playing 90 minutes, so that was good for his fitness.

On defender Patrick Ianni's return from foot injury: I think the performance in LA was better. I saw tape of the game in LA and talked to people obviously who had seen that game – Eztra and so forth – and they think in LA he played better than he played in this game. Right now it’s a matter of getting fit as well. For him, he’s in preseason, so he should be getting heavy legs now and you expect the performance to fall a little bit. We’ve just got to get him pushed as much as we can tomorrow again and then hopefully we’ll see where he’s at next week.

On Ianni returning to the central defense rotation: He needs to force his way into the 18 first, and once he gets there you can consider him for the rotation. Generally you don’t sub a lot in the back, so once you’re out there – once you’re starting as a defender – the expectation is that you can go 90 minutes. But when you look at it, he’s in many his second week of training really hard, which is sort of like at the end of your hard preseason. So now he’s got to recover through that and then we’ll see where he’s at at the end of next week.