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Is Major League Soccer a major league?

LogoMLSIs Major League Soccer a major league? Apparently not if you read between the lines of the Associated Press and other media this week that portrayed NBA center Jason Collins as the first openly gay active player "in one of the four major U.S. professional sports leagues."

Four. Let's see, there's NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and ... oh wait, that's four. So apparently the Associated Press believes Major League Soccer is major league in name only.

Today we asked Sounders FC general manager Adrian Hanauer if he feels any sort of stab when MLS --which draws an average of 17,377 per game -- is so casually discounted.

"I don’t suppose it stabs me right now," he said. "I would say in 10 years if that’s what people say, then maybe it would stab me a little more. But our league is young. We’ve come a long ways in the last five years, so I guess it doesn’t surprise me that much that it’s still on the out looking in. But as we pass the NBA and the NHL in attendance, as we improve our TV ratings, as we ended up on the front cover of major publications, as we become more relevant in more markets, I think then then if it happens it will either hack me off, or it will just show the ignorance of the people who are saying it. But you know, old habits are hard to break. Today it doesn’t really register, but maybe in the future it will."