Sounders Insider

Sounders take their point, "like it or not"

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say today in Philadelphia after their 2-2 draw with the Union:

Goalkeeper Michael GspurningOn the game as a wholeThat was a very intense game, especially at the end. It was a good drama for the fans. But of course we should defend better around halftime. We had very bad minutes before and after halftime, but then we came back into the game and took a point. ... It was a very tough game for us on defense. Especially after 30 minute into the game they came in and took a couple chances but we did well until the end of the first half. We had a really bad start of the second half but at least we came back.

On giving up two goals that quicklyIt was completely unnecessary for us. You should be more awake after the first goal and not stay tight, but yes I believe the momentum changes and sometimes the second goal is possible. In the end the pressure Philadelphia put on was too much for us.

On being able to come back and get a pointWe have to take the point today, like it or not. It was a good team and a strong and physical team. To take the point, we wanted three and it was possible but in the end you one man down and have to take the point.

On the scoreless streak that endedOf course it says something about the defense and we are proud of it. During the game you should just think about your work and being prepared for the work you need to bring. In the end the minutes come in time.

Mauro RosalesOn the crazy gameYea, we get a point, which is very good for the team, but being ahead in the first half we should keep the ball and try to score again goal to control the game but they have good players and played very well today and they won the half. In the second half, the two early goals I think we didn’t come with the same concentration as the first half. It was a good result, we got points a way, it is not what we wanted, we wanted three.

On picking the team up after giving up the two goalsNot giving up any more goals and trying to score a second goal was something that helped us get in the game again.

On many guys missing timeWe have like four or five players injured. It is tough for us, we have a lot of injuries and then suspensions now but we have to figure it out quickly, every guy that is training needs to concentrate on stepping onto the field and try to do the same that the other guys.

On the end of the gameEverybody they wanted to win the game and we played very tough. They made it the same way. The discussion is came from everybody wanting to win but we need to keep calm and move forth.

On quick turnaround before SKC on WednesdayLike I said before, everyone needs to be ready because in this moment we need help from each other and from everybody.

Eddie JohnsonOn end of the game getting chippyThat’s part of the sport; I don’t know why people read into it. It is two teams playing for three points. Three points for us was very meaningful in this game but we are happy with a point. It goes to show the passion, the passion for the game, the fans are even into it, and that’s what will make the sport big in America.

On being happy coming away with a pointYeah, I think we started off well. A lot of new faces out there, a lot of different players on the field, the lineup has been different, we haven’t had a consistent lineup this year. I thought we came out and had a good start of the game, the first 20 minutes, and then they started to play good football and create chance and make it difficult for us. We knew that coming into the game, playing away from your home against a team that has been scoring goals lately. We expected that. But like I said it is good to get out of here with two goals, get a point and we are looking forward to the next game.

On his scoring, especially after the injuryIt is good for confidence. I missed three games, and at the end of the day the good goal scorers, they have rhythm just playing game after game after game. That’s how you get your sharpness and confidence. I have been battling a hamstring injury the last couple weeks but now it’s right and I’m looking forward to getting my rhythm back. I’ve been trying to make a difference the last couple games, we have been playing some good soccer, and I just want to make an impact. I wouldn’t change the way I played at all.

On bouncing back after two quick goals by the UnionWe know we are a team that creates chances. Most important thing for us was trying to keep their crowd out of the game. [Philly] getting two goals in six minutes, that was challenging. I thought we weathered the storm. We got a goal. Realistic time, we probably could have got another one. But like I said, it was a good football match, credit to them, they played well. It was a chippy game but that is part of the sport, I like that.

On showing the young guys how to keep their coolWhat is young these days? I mean, Lamar is 26, DeAndre is 20, young is 18. But I think these guys coming back into the locker room after what happened, they probably wish they didn’t react or got caught up in the emotions but that is part of growing up as a soccer player, it is learning. It took me a while to figure it out. I’m pretty sure they learn from it, put it behind them and go forward.

On quick turnaroundRest, and trying to take on some of the positive things we did in this game. Obviously we got two red cards; we have guys back in Seattle. It is going to be another challenge. But at the end of the day as a player you want to be challenged. That is what makes you a better player, that is what gives you a better understanding of the game, and we are looking forward to the challenge. It is a great team, Kansas City, and we are playing them at home. It should be a good challenge.