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Schmid walks middle ground on red cards

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid held a conference call with local writers this afternoon -- our first access since Seattle's 2-2 draw Saturday at Philadelphia. Therefore, it was also our first chance to ask what he thought about the late red cards called on Lamar Neagle and DeAndre Yedlin, which will keep both out Wednesday when the Sounders return to league player at Kansas City.

Schmid's response:

The first red card incident that involved Sheanon Williams and Lamar, I thought it was very difficult for Lamar because I thought Sheanon was the aggressor in that situation. I think Lamar reacted defensively at first. When a guy goes face-to-face with you it’s tough. If you turn away and you hit him a little bit, then he could go down making it seem like you head-butted him or something. And Lamar pushed his face away, so then when other people look at that then they think Lamar is the aggressor there. At the end of the day, because they couldn’t make a decision, they made the decision that usually gets made, which is to throw both of them out.

Yedlin was late in his tackle. I don’t think he came from behind -- I thought it was from the side -- but he was late on the tackle and the referee decided to put in a red card. There’s other tackles that were I think as severe during the game that either they didn’t connect or players jumped out of the way or them. I don’t think we can argue them or complain or say, ‘Well, we got jobbed’ or anything like that. I think it’s what happened in the game, but I don’t think it’s a situation of us losing control either. I think DeAndre is a young player who needs to control his emotions in that situation, and it’s something that he’s going to learn.