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Hahnemann explains what he said for red card

I don’t think I’ve ever been thrown out of a game. I mean, everyone in the whole stadium saw the hand ball. So I said – what did I say? -- I don’t exactly know, but something to the question ‘How is that not a handball?’ I might have added a couple of words in there. And maybe the fact that the whole stadium took a deep breath in because everyone thought it was a penality, the stadium went silent and he heard maybe every word I said. But if we’re going to red card everyone who says (the word – yes, that one), and I think I told him to do his job or something like that. And then I was (angry). Away from home. A blatant handball like that. And I don’t know how they can’t see that.

But the ref did see it; because I was talking to one of their players after the game and they were complaining about a free kick where it hit one of the guys in the wall and they were claiming for handball, and the referee said, ‘Well, I can’t give that if I didn’t give one to them in the first half,’ or something like that. So he saw it; he chose not to give it. That’s pretty blatant, a handball, if that’s not a handball I don’t know what is. Now, is it a sending off? No, because it’s not intentional, but it’s still a handball.