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FC Dallas coach says 4-2 loss "about right"

Here's what league-leading FC Dallas had to say tonight after their 4-2 loss to Seattle at CenturyLink Field:

Coach Schellas Hyndman(On the outcome of the game…) “It’s about right. They created a lot of chances, a lot of breakaways, a lot of counterattacks. It seemed like the only time Seattle really put their foot on the ball is when we were down a man. The rest of the time it was very fast-paced and they created a lot of goals, a lot of scoring chances.” On his formation and tactics…) “First of all, we did not play with three forwards; we played in a 4-4-2 that we have been playing since David Ferreira has been injured, so I don’t know if the tactics mattered. I think probably the bigger thing that mattered was that I think our guys lost their composure and emotions with what they considered some of the calls that weren’t being made, and then you’re just disappointed. Then we came back and scored two goals, and unfortunately we gave up the third one so quickly.” (On Michel’s play…) “He brings a lot of strength to our team because for you to be strong in the set pieces, you’ve got have a good server and he’s done that extremely well for us.” (On whether he thinks the red card changed the outcome of the game…) “I think first of all, I think we didn’t play very well in the first half. We challenged the boys to come back in the second half, and they did. It was just frustrating. This is a tough environment for anyone to come into. If it’s not a game that’s controlled, and there’s a lot of stuff going off the ball and there’s a lot of physical play, I don’t know if that brings the best out of our team. I don’t know that we ever got on track. I think we got on track when we tied the game, but that was just a minute later or so that we gave it up. Understand that Seattle created a lot of chances for themselves as well. It’s a wide open game and both teams had chances to score goals.” (On what to do to get the team back on track after the loss…) “I’ve got George John out, he’s probably our best defender. I’ve got David Ferreira out, he’s our captain and I consider him the best player on the field. And we’ve got Andrew Jacobson out. So I think before we get too hard on ourselves and what we got to do, we’ve just got to get over this one. The mistake’s been made. Sometimes you make mistakes because you’re under a lot of pressure. We had too many players that didn’t have a real good game and that didn’t help us. I think we let Seattle dictate the game. It was very fast-paced, and that’s something we shouldn’t be doing. But as I said to the players, we’re a good team. What we’ve got to do is get over this one and find our winning ways again.”

Defender Zach LoydOn the red card…) “It always hurts to go down a man, especially on the road. First half we came out a little slow and gave up two soft goals that were just defensive lapses, but we came out strong in the second half, tied it up two-two, and then unfortunately gave up another goal. Overall, we didn’t come out with the energy that we needed to start the game. But the second half we came out well, and unfortunately gave up that third goal real quick after we tied it up. It was kind of hard to get back into it after that red card. I think the guys showed a lot of character though coming back, a lot of effort trying to get the ball back, but being down a guy is really tough in this environment.” On difference between first and second half…) “I think we just came out not focused, I can’t really put a finger on it. They came and got one real early on us, we haven’t been scored on that early this year. It was kind of a shock to us. We really regrouped well at halftime. We came in here and got back to doing the things we do best. I don’t think you are going to win any games giving up four goals.” Forward Kenny CooperOn positives to take away from game…) “There was a good response after halftime, and the team did a good job to pull two goals back. There was a bad giveaway after the second goal, and they came right back at us and got a third. We all are disappointed, and obviously want to stay in the first place position and the team showed great character to fight back and fought hard to the end.” On Michel’s service…) “His service is incredible, I think he is one of the best in the league. We are very fortunate to have him. On plays and set pieces he has very very good delivery, and has done a great job for us the whole season. He is a real difference maker, I think everyone can see that. He is also a great guy, and we are really happy to have him with us.”