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Sounders roster fluid due to call ins, injuries

A lot of issues swirling around the Sounders now will determine their roster availablity over the coming games: the national team calls for Eddie Johnson and Brad Evans, health issues, the status of DeAndre Yedlin.

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say about these issues today.

On Evans: It’s a good honor for Brad. Jurgen called me yesterday because he had indicated earlier to me that he was considering Brad seriously for the Gold Cup, and then he said now with his situation that he wanted to bring in Brad now, and with him bringing in Brad now it means he probably won’t leave for the Gold Cup, so that works out OK. Except with Ozzie out now, and Brad missing at the same time it doesn’t necessarily help. But it’s certainly a good honor for Brad, it’s a good honor for our club.

On Osvaldo Alonso's groin injury: It’s something that we don’t know exactly how long it will take. It’s an injury that he’s had before. He feels it isn’t as bad as when he had it once before, so he was able to work out inside. He’s already on the bike today. So we’ll see. This weekend probably not very likely. A chance against Chivas. And we’ve got to go day by day. But the MRIs, there’s no extreme pull or strain, but it is what we thought it was.

On Yedlin not being called by the national U-20 team for the Toulon Tournament in France, May 28-June 8: The guys who are playing pretty regularly for their MLS teams, Tab Ramos was cognizant of that and didn’t want to take those guys away from their MLS teams for that long a time – because right after Toulon they go right into their camp in Portugal and then they go straight to the youth world championships, so I think DeAndre’s chances – I don’t know if he’s on the final team or not – but I think his chances are certainly there to be selected for that final team.