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Evans on his lunch-stopping phone call from Jurgen Klinsmann, EJ on POW honor

The honors have been rolling in for the Sounders over the last couple of days. Today, Brad Evans was called in to the U.S. national team, and on Monday his Sounders and national team teammate Eddie Johnson was named MLS player of the week.

Reactions from each:

EVANS: I’m happy to be called in – getting that late call again. It seems to be the most often things that happens, I guess. But always being ready, always being prepared no matter what position I’m going in to play, whatever it may be, you always want that call. Especially when it’s not expected it makes it that much more surprising and special, I guess. You know for a couple of weeks that you’re on the standby list, so if anything does happen there’s the possibility of being called in. I was just making lunch yesterday and I actually was going to ignore the phone call and pick it up later, and I looked at it (and saw it was from Jurgen Klinsmann) and turned the stove off and had a good long conversation. So, yeah, really positive and really happy.

JOHNSON: It’s hard work, us pushing each other week in and week out. It’s an individual award, but it takes a team to push each other. So I want to share it with my team, so I’m delighted to have it, and I just want to continue to get better each week as an individual and as a team.