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Familiar Rowdie faces: Daniel Scott, Raphael Cox

The Sounders' U.S. Open Cup date with the Tampa Bay Rowdies next week will bring them face-to-face with a couple of familiar faces: Daniel Scott, brother of Sounders defender Zach Scott; and Raphael Cox, a native of Tacoma who faced the Sounders last season as a member of the Atlanta Silverbacks.

After training today, Zach Scott talked a bit about his club's path crossing with his brother's:

"Obviously I love the opportunity to play my brother," he said. "But an eight-day road trip isn’t ideal. My wife and kids aren’t very happy. But in the end, we know what we’re getting into when we enter this tournament. There’s always the possibility of a long travel week. We’ve won on the road before. We’ve won a championship on the road. At this point we expect nothing less. We’re going to take it like professionals and go in there and hopefully get a result."

Of if he talked to his brother since the pairing was set last night: Just via text. I told him thanks. Thanks for the help there, and I’ll remember this one. That’s what I told him.

On what it's like playing against a brother: To be honest it’s like any other game. He wants to win. I want to win. It’s nothing personal. We’ll shake hands and hug after the game, but when you’re on the field it’s just any other person.

On the Sounders' mentality going into the tournament: It’s the same as when we enter anything: We want to win. We don’t put out a group of guys who don’t play very much. We put out a group of guys who are there to win. It’s just the nature of this tournament. You never know how the travel schedule is going to be, you don’t know how it’s going to fit into league play. This is unfortunately a tough trip for us, but again, we’re here to win.