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Schmid very unhappy with nameless defender

One of the Sounders starting defenders -- Remick, Hurtado, Scott or Burch -- got a sizzling assessment from coach Sigi Schmid in his postgame comments tonight:

"I didn’t think we did a good job," Schmid said. "There were a couple of balls that they played in and duels that we should have won, and he’ll remain nameless but we had one player I think the first five times he touched the ball he gave the ball to the other team or missed the ball. So when you have somebody in your back line doing that five times, that immediately gives the other team confidence and takes away a little bit of yours."

And ...

"(The team) should be (angry). There were a lot of opportunities tonight for players to stand up and make a case for themselves. Some guys took advantage of that, some guys didn’t. At the end of the day, like I said, we fell short."