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Schmid on his Sounders and Chivas

Sigi Schmid just took a conference call from local media. Here are some highlights:

*Osvaldo Alonso traveled to Chivas, but will be a game-day decision; Steve Zakuani didn't travel.

* Didn't give much opinion on MLS Disciplinary Committee on decision to double Shalrie Joseph's suspension to two games. Said Joseph has the right to appeal, but doesn't know if he will.

On the chaos around Chivas this week: I think it makes them all the more dangerous. I wish none of that would have happened this week. I wish they would still have the same coach. I wish they wouldn’t have put out the press release. I wish they wouldn’t have an interim coach, because right now we’re running the blind. We’re guessing. We knew the system of play that the old coach was playing. We didn’t necessarily know who the players were going to be because he changed the lineup so frequently, but we knew they played with three in the back, we knew they sort of played with four or five at midfield, sometimes four, sometimes three up front, sometimes two up front, but we knew that they were pretty constant in how they tried to approach the game. Now we’re going into the game and we don’t know what changes the intermin coach is going to bring. Is he going to switch to four in the back, is he going to have them play more of a traditional formation, is he going to have them play as aggressively in terms of playing forward and making runs forward as the team did before. Those are all now for us unknowns. So from that standpoint, the topsy-turvy week that they’ve had makes it a little more difficult for us to prepare.

On what the Sounders need to do: We can’t forget what goes us on the winning path. We have to go back to our roots of working hard, competing for every loose ball, being quicker in terms of closing people down again, and just being better with the ball.

On having only MLS competitions ahead: It’s nice to be only focused on that. But if I’m a player on this team, there are now game opportunities for some guys that are now out the window. And so if you’re a player who’s not getting regular first-team minutes, you welcome the Open Cup because you know that’s a chance to get on the field and show that you belong on the field more. That’s where some guys in past years have earned their way into playing time, whether it was Zach Scott in the initial years, whether it was an Alex Caskey of an Andy Rose, those guys earned their way in there. Now those opportunities are lost for those players. … Now everybody’s focus has got to be on training, because they only place you’re going to earn time on the field is in training and in the occasional reserve game that you have.

I'll be back with more.