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Schmid credits character; more could be needed as roster ravaged again next weekend

Here's some of what Sounders' coach Sigi Schmid had to say tonight after Seattle's 2-0 win at Chivas USA:

Overview: I thought our character was good. We got up in the first half 2-0; started off the second half a little bit slowly, but I thought we were really getting into the game: getting close, getting chances again. And then at that point obviously the game changed and we had to roll up our sleeves and work to get out of there with the 2-0.

On the shutout: I thought the back four worked really hard. You know, the guys did their job. Obviously losing Alonso early as well, Andy Rose had to come in and battle and play. So we made a couple of subs trying to keep our wide players fresh because we knew they would have to work a lot at the end. So the character and the effort was really good tonight.

On the red card on Obafemi Martins: I’ve seen the replay. I have my opinion of the replay, and I’ll keep my opinion to me. But it’s a situation … I don’t know. I’ve got no comment. … The league doesn’t care what my opinion is. The referee doesn’t care what my opinion is. The thing I will say is in the NBA you foul out when you commit six fouls. And whey you have a player on the other team who is committing six, seven, eight fouls, he should foul out. He should be off the field. How he can stay on the field and get a yellow card after his seventh foul when you have other players getting yellow cards after two is amazing to me.

On next Saturday vs. Vancouver: It’s going to be a difficult game because we’re missing a ton of players. We’ve got Eddie Johnson gone, we’ve got Evans gone, Martinez will be gone for that game, Obafemi’s out now for that game, Ozzie’s probably out as well for that game.So we’re going to have to roll up our sleeves and battle. But we’re at home, we’re in front of our fans, and we know we have the ability to do that.

On Sounders' play tonight: I don’t think we played brilliant. I thought we did what we needed to do to win the game. I thought our first goal was well taken. Oba finished his goal well. I thought the second goal, I mean, wow. But then I thought we should have had a third: Obafemi’s header off Rosales’ cross. We had a couple of opportunities in the second half where we were close as well. I thought we did OK. I don’t think it was our best game of soccer for the year, but I thought we did enough.

On if it feels like second-best start after 12 games: We’ve had to work through a lot of things. We’ve accomplished a lot of things that I think people haven’t really given us credit for. It doesn’t matter what team Tigres sent up: We knocked off a Mexican team. Nobody’s done that in the Champions League. We got within one goal of getting to the Champions League final. I think that’s pretty good. It shows that we have quality. In between that we got off to a bad league start, and we were unfortunate a little bit in our first game and took a late goal in the other game. If those two things don’t happen well then it’s a whole different thing: It may be the best start in our franchise history. So I think when we have all our bodies here I think we’re a good team.

On Alonso injury: It’s a different injury than the injury he had going into the game, s we just have to see. He generally recovers fairly quickly. Whether he can recover within a week I’m not sure. … After the Vancouver game we don’t play again until the 22nd, so we want to be smart and not push him because we have a period of time to make sure he gets fully healed.

On four wins in five games: We feel good about what we can do. The team’s still confident in their abilities. We know we laid an egg last week. The guys were aware of that. We came back. We fought and we battled. I felt were were unlucky – they guys were aware of that as well. Today, like I said, they stepped up and showed their character.

On Obafemi Martins: Tonight was his fourth goal, so he’s gotten goals for us for sure. He’s not there to play make and do all that other stuff, he’s there to finish chances. Today when you look at a center forward, he had one chance on the breakaway and he finishes it. He had the other header that was a dangerous chance. If he had stayed on the field he might have had another one or two. That’s what you want from your striker and that’s what he’s giving us.