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Hype aside, Evans working on flaws in his play

USSF100The U.S. national team's win over Germany seemed something of a national coming-out party for Sounder Brad Evans, who started the game and was celebrated afterward by national media.

Evans spoke with Seattle-area media this afternoon from Jamaica -- where the U.S. will continue World Cup qualifying on Friday. Evans was asked about those media raves and what he thought of his own performance.

"I don’t really read into media hype and paying attention into too much that’s going on in the media," he said. "Obviously I keep up with MLSsoccer and like to reach out with my Twitter and everything like that. I don’t read in too much into the hype. I’ve always been your next game is the one that you’re remembered by. It’s obviously great to have confidence and know that you can play in that position, but there’s still a lot to learn and still a lot of work to be done. The things that I remember from the game are a missed pass pass to Jermaine (Jones) in the first half, maybe not following my guy on a one-two in the first half, and then maybe a letdown on defensive pressure on my part in the second half. So I still want to learn the position and look over tape and see what I can do better. That’s the kind I’ve always been, so no reason to step away from that."

"I was still on the alternate roster to start this camp, so not quite there yet. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m not quite there. Just being around these guys, it’s definitely a different level and each day is a learning curve, but the more that you play and the more you just kind of dive head first into it and put in the hard work, you seem to reap the rewards. So, I just came into this camp with an open mind. Maybe I thought I was going to be playing right back in the Belgium game, but I came in as a right mid, and that’s kind of where my head was at in that game, so I had no inkling of starting in the game against Germany at right back until almost 24 hours before. So there’s still work to be done. Like I said before: It’s all about the next game. I don’t want to look to much into the future. I just want to focus on this week of training here in Jamaica, stay healthy and if my number is called on Friday night, then hopefully turn in another good performance."

I'll have more from the Evans conference call soon.