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Evans keeping track of Sounders; looking forward to Seattle games ahead

We asked how he's following the Sounders while away on international duty:

"I’m keeping tabs constantly, whether it’s phone calls, text messages from players, staff, whatever it may be, watching the games online," he said. "I watched the Chivas game on Saturday night. I didn’t get to catch the game in Tampa, but from what I heard obviously the game in Tampa was a tough one. And anytime you have to travel across the country it’s going to be difficult. You saw a number of MLS teams fall in that round of the Open Cup. A bit unfortunate on the PK, I think, and if we score that PK I think it’s a little bit different. But a great result at Chivas. Obviously the build up to that first goal was phenomenal. You get fortunate on that own goal. And then you get a red card and play a man down for 20 minutes, it’s going to be a task in itself no matter who you’re playing. So a lot of work to be done. But after this next game in Vancouver with a large crowd, hopefully we get a result and go into a nice break, get guys healthy and get back after it after that break."

On if it would be useful to play the same position for club and country: (Klinsmann) hasn’t talked to me about left back at all. But if my number is called, my number is called. As far as the club situation, Sigi and I had this conversation in preseason. I think he had a lengthy convo to Jurgen after the Canada game and I think Jurgen said obviously – which is true – that this midfield is so packed on this team, there are so many good players playing at top clubs, that it’s so hard to break into. But with DeAndre’s play … we’ll see what happens when he’s gone. I haven’t really spoken to Sigi at length. But wherever the team needs me, the team needs me. DeAndre’s done exceptionally well. I have no doubt that he’ll be here one day in the near future as well playing for this team. I haven’t had much conversation or even much thought about the club situation. The main focus right now is on performing day in day out here.

On the USA-Panama game June 11 at CenturyLink Field: I think it’s phenomenal. I’ve always remembered those firsts, I guess you’d call them. Obviously the Gold Cup first … with the cap with the national team at CenturyLink Field and coming in to a standing ovation at the time against Grenada was great – came in and played right back in that game. And obviously playing in front of your home crowd is something that everybody loves to do, and it will be a spectacle, that’s for sure. I know we’ll come out in numbers, the fans will be behind us 100 percent, and I think it will be something very very special – regardless if I play, suit up, whatever it is, it’s going to be a special night, and I can’t wait to showcase it for the other guys on the team who haven’t played in our stadium or played in front of our crowd.

On if he and some of the other USA players plan to attend the Sounders-Whitecaps game Saturday at CenturyLink: As long as our flight is on time. I think we get back at like 3 o’clock, so I’m going to spread the word and see what guys want to go. I’m sure you’ll see hopefully at least a handful of players, and hopefully we’ll have a monster crowd that night, too, which would be really cool. … It will be very weird watching that game, absolutely. It’s different when you’re just injured and watching from the top. But when you’re playing host to some other guys and almost being more of a fan at that point, it will be strange, but obviously I know I’m part of the Sounders, nothing has changed there. My club team, I’ll be supporting them 100 percent.