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Sounders coach transcript over many topics

After three road games and a couple of days off, there was plenty to talk about with Sounders coach Sigi Schmid today. Here's a transcript from the club:

(On the status of Osvaldo Alonso...) "Ozzie will be out for the game this weekend, and then we're hoping there's a shot that he'll be back by [June 22 at Real Salt Lake]. We'll have to see. There's a slight muscle tear there, so we just have to see how his recovery goes. He generally recovers pretty well, so it'll be a week-to-week prognosis. For this weekend, he's definitely out." (On if he regrets playing Alonso against Chivas USA...) "No, and he doesn't either. It's something we talked about. It's a different area, different injury. A little bit of it is maybe related to, for him preseason training wasn't the best. He missed a little bit of it due to a little bit of an injury there. Maybe that's just carried over. Having a break now and being able to rebuild and re-strengthen all that is probably not the worst thing." (On the status of Steve Zakuani...) "Zakuani is going to have surgery. We haven't finalized all the details of it, that should be coming in the next 24 hours. We should have the details of where he's going to have the surgery and exactly when, but he definitely needs to have surgery. It's basically a sports hernia type of injury." (On how long he expects Zakuani to be out...) "It's six to eight weeks of rehab situation before you can get back out on the training field. Some guys are ahead of the timeline and some guys are generally not ahead of the timeline...We'll see how he feels after the surgery and see how the recovery goes." (On how Zakuani is dealing with the news...) "It's been tough. I haven't seen him because we gave him a few days off while we were on the road last week. We texted to each other...He's had to deal with numerous things in his career and it's another thing he has to deal with." (On Brad Evans' performance for the U.S. against Germany...) "I thought Brad played well. It's something we had talked about, Jurgen [Klinsmann] and myself, that Brad can play different positions. He said he was going to try him at right back. He asked me what I thought, I told him. He told me he might even play him at center back. I told him I think he can play there if need be, as well. I thought Brad did well. The team got a great result. [Clint] Dempsey scored some great goals in that game, so you get caught up in the euphoria in the game, as well. We'll see if Jurgen comes back with him against Jamaica, but I thought he did well." (On if it's possible to play a different position for club than country...) "Yeah, you can do that. It's something else we've talked about. I think Brad has played for us quite a bit on the flank and I think he does well out there. He has good instincts as to when to come forward. He crosses a good ball, he gets into the box as a midfielder. It might be a situation where we've used him where we've needed him at times and we'll continue to do that, and I don't think it's going to affect his national team future." (On Servando Carrasco's contribution to the midfield...) "Servando's had to step in. He's had to play with different partners. He's played with [Osvaldo] Alonso, he's played with [Andy] Rose, he's played with [Alex] Caskey, he's played with Shalrie [Joseph]. He's done well. He's been steady. He's trained well this season. He's been in form, and when the opportunity presented itself to him he got on the field and has played well." (On Obafemi Martins' red card being rescinded...) "Getting Oba back is a big plus for us. Oba and Lamar have played together fairly well, and being able to come back with those two is a huge plus and helps in terms of making our lineup decisions this weekend, especially with Eddie [Johnson] being gone." (On what the league's decision says about the call...) "Like I said, nobody cared about my opinion the first time. I don't think they care now. We're happy that the process works. It's a process that was established this year. We decided that we were going to pursue it and take advantage of that opportunity because we thought there were some things to look at. Obviously the process worked and the card got rescinded." (On the process to appeal a red card...) "Well, it's a process where you're allowed to go and have them look into a card situation that happened in a game. You've got to make sure it's not a frivolous thing, so you're not pursuing things that really have no merit. They have a check and balance system set up so you don't do that because there are fines and punishments that result in that. If you have a case they're willing to listen to it, just as they're willing to add onto games when somebody does something. They're willing to listen to it if there was maybe something maybe didn't deserve that card. In this case, it proved out." (On how the process works...) "You present your case. You present your case and then they look at the play. In some cases I think they talk to the individuals involved, as well. The union is involved also. The union is protecting the rights of the players, so if they think it's a frivolous pursuit they can sort of stop that pursuit on behalf of the club. The club might want to say, 'We want to pursue it,' but they say, 'This isn't really one to pursue.' You have to align all those things, so there are a lot of things that take place in terms of reviewing the play, in terms of submitting an appeal, and also in terms their work of either interviewing people or talking to people." (On Saturday's match against Vancouver...) "It's going to be great a day of soccer. Everybody should be there. We've still got some seats left I think. It's going to be a great day. I think people can have a wonderful afternoon enjoying themselves and then come out and have a great experience watching a Cascadia Cup game. I know our team is looking forward to it. For us, we want to get another three points. These three points are important to us. We're at home. The chance of being able to get 21 points in 13 games is good. It gives us a chance to, on the same number of games, jump ahead of the Galaxy for example. Those are important little goals." (On Mario Martinez not being on the Honduras preliminary roster for the Gold Cup...) "[The Honduras coach] said he was going to use him in the qualifiers throughout the year, but then he would not use them in the Gold Cup."