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GM talks DP, transfer window, Martinez

Here's what Hanauer had to say:

On Oba: I'm not sure that Obafemi for us is any different from any other signing. We always feel a massive sense of accomplish when a guys first and foremost performs for the team, but then secondarily fits in well, is a positive in the locker room with his teammates, in the community, and so far Oba has been fantastic that way, and we're really happy to have him.

On Martinez: We've started that dialogue. We would like to keep Mario, and we're currently in conversations with his representation and the club to try and keep him.

On moves during the transfer period: The roster as its currently formulated doesn't leave a lot of room for maneuvering. That said, we're always looking to get stronger. And like a lot of other teams, we're in the situation where if we add something, something's going to have to go. We're not unwilling to make some difficult decisions, if we think we can get better, and if we can find the right solution. But the roster today, there isn't a pile of cap room sitting there, a bunch of roster spots empty that we're just looking to fill.