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Sounders coach: 'We love big crowds' (53,679)

Here is Sounders' coach Sigi Schmid's opening statement after his club's 3-2 win over Vancouver tonight before a crowd of 53,679 at CenturyLink Field:

I thought we started off the game well: got a good early goal and then we sort of fell asleep right after we scored, which is a point in time when you can’t fall asleep. We took a goal, didn’t do a good job on set pieces. Set pieces were probably their most dangerous moments. I still thought we had a little more of the game in the run of play, but for sure we didn’t do well on the set pieces, and it cost us a lot of problems. In the second half we just talked about making sure that we continued to spread out the field, that we could find some gaps, getting Caskey to play wider and later we put Burch on to play wider so there would be more gaps because he was playing in too much and I thought that closed down the space for Lamar and Oba. It was Wal-mart day today, so it was two-for-one: Two fouls in the box if you wanted a penalty. So, we ended up with that. We were maybe fortunate at the end that we didn’t have one called against us. But I was proud of our character being able to come back. I thought we carried the game to them. I thought we created chances. Oba had a good one to finish that he missed wide. But then for sure the third goal was as well-taken a goal as you want to see: good ball in from Andy Rose, good turn by Oba and then Neagle with a great near-post run.

More from Sigi:

On the large attendance (53,679) and atmosphere:Great. Great. We love big crowds. We seem to do well. We don’t want to send them away disappointed, so we want to keep the game exciting, keep the game close. We’re able to showcase ourselves in front of people who don’t normally get to come to our games. It was a great contingent of fans from Vancouver as well that followed their team. It had a tremendous atmosphere.” On whether playing for a large crowd is different and if it contributes to scoring goals and winning games: “You can sense the energy. You can sense that there’s a little more there. When you look up and you can see the upper-deck filling up or half-full, that’s normally something that we don’t see. You don’t see the tarps up there. It gives you a different feeling, when you walk out on the field, and I think the guys realize that, and they respond to that. Is that the reason that we score goals and win games entirely? Probably not, but right now we’ll keep it going.” On whether he feels DeAndre Yedlin made a mistake when the first Vancouver goal was scored:“On the first goal, twice the ball got played in behind Leo [Gonzalez] and we were zoning in the box. DeAndre got pushed in way too far. I mean, he was almost marking Zach Scott and had no idea that Camilo [Sanvezzo] was over his shoulder, so that’s maybe a little bit of a mistake of youth. He certainly had a good game and came forward and did so many other things well for us. That’s one with a little bit more experience, he takes that quick look, he knows where that guy is, he backs off two steps and then it’s not a problem because he jumps and clears with the header. I thought it was more a lapse of the game, at that point, it had gone so well for us. We scored that goal nine minutes in and I think the guys just relaxed for an instant and thought, ‘ok this could be an easy one for us today,’ and they’re never easy.”