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"Disappointed" Caps fall to bottom of Cascadia race

With tonight's 3-2 win, Seattle moves to the top of this season's Cascadia Cup race, 1-0-1; while Vancouver falls to the bottom at 0-1-1. Between them is Portland, at 0-0-2.

Here's some of what the Whitecaps had to say after the match:

Brad Knighton - Vancouver Goalkeeper(On the game...) "It is disappointing. We were in total control of the game looking to get our first win against a Cascadia team, but then Andy [O'Brien] unfortunately goes down with a hamstring issue. That kind of took the wind out of our sails a bit and the game seemed to turn very quickly. It was just a bit unfortunate."

(On what Andy O'Brien contributes to the back line...) "He really contributes his veteran leadership. We had guys playing out of position which is something you really don't want when you are playing in front of an atmosphere of 50,000 people. It was a tough situation for us to put ourselves in. It was just a bit unlucky. We were in control of the game up until that point and we had a chance to go up three to one, but that is just the way the game goes sometimes. We are devastated right now." (On the crowd and the temporary field...) "Not to make excuses, but the field was ridiculously terrible. It's heavy, it's bumpy, the turfs coming up, and it's just a weird surface to play on. Anytime you put grass on top of turf you are going to get something like that. Not to make excuses, but maybe Andy [O'Brien] doesn't get injured if we aren't playing on grass laid on turf. They have to play in these conditions as well, but it was just one of those weird games where they scored early, but we came back and gained total control. Then Andy goes down with an injury and the game changes from there."

Camilo Sanvezzo - Vancouver Midfielder (On the overall match...) "It was very disappointing to not get the point here, but the match is over and we just have to watch the game again and prepare for our next match."

(On tonight's positives)... "There were some positives. I thought that the whole team played well. I think everybody had a good game, but we just need to pick it up a little bit." (On the team's road performance...) "I think the last two games we played away from home were very good games, but obviously tonight was very disappointing. We hope that we will be able to pick one up on Saturday."

(On having two header goals...) "We have been training a lot. Kenny [Miller] and I have been working a lot together and he made a very good move which got me free. I just tried to stay in god position and make a good finish."