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Sounders' three goal-scorers react to win

Here's some Sounders reaction after their 3-2 win over Vancouver tonight:

Lamar Neagle- Sounders FC forward(On the game’s atmosphere…)- “It felt great. You could feel the energy, maybe a little more exciting that what we wanted to make it, but it was great to be able to come back and get a win for the fans.” (On stepping up in Eddie Johnson’s absence…) “We’ve been switching in and out between me, Obafemi (Martins), and Eddie so it’s like any other game. Vancouver is in our conference, which makes it even more important with the points. It’s a big match and you just got to figure it out from there.” (On scoring a goal in the 81st minute…) “It was a good build up play down the right side. I saw [Martins] one on one, so once he made his move toward the line to beat his guy I knew I had to get in front of my defender and it would be an easy pass right to the near post.” Andy Rose- Sounders FC midfielder(On stepping up in front of the big crowd…) “I think it’s a pride thing. At the end of the day we are professionals, playing for our city, for Seattle. Seeing the fans step up like that, seeing the passion and how loud they are, you can barely hear anybody on the field for a normal game, let alone a game like this. It’s just a special occasion and makes it even more exciting for us as players to play in front of a crowd like that.” (On scoring a goal in the 9th minute…) “I’ve said it before, but Lamar (Neagle) has been playing so well, he’s been doing such a good job dropping into that hole right behind the front man, and his vision and first touch have been incredible. He turned and saw me running through, and when a forward drops off like that there is always a hole. The defender went with him and I was able to get through that hole, take a good first touch, and slot it. It’s really exciting to score, especially in front of a crowd like that.” (On the team’s steady improvement…) “We want to win every game. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first game of the season or the MLS Cup final, we go out there to win, and that’s our job. We are starting to play better as a team and certain individuals are stepping up. Especially this week we’ve had a lot of guys out, whether it’s injuries, suspensions, or with the national team, so it’s on us young guys to step up a little bit and I’m really proud of the effort we put in today and getting a win.” Servando Carrasco- Sounders FC midfielder(On playing in the great atmosphere…) “It was absolutely incredible. There’s no other way to describe it. The fans inspired us to a totally different level. We thought that we came out well; we didn’t come out flat-footed the first 15-20 minutes and we established a rhythm. But in the next 25 minutes we kind of took our foot off the gas pedal, but we came in at halftime and said that we were going to come out the same way we did the first half, and that’s exactly what we did. We created some chances and when we scored our second goal the fans were behind us and that really pushed us to a totally different level.” (On stepping up in the absence of some players…) “I think we pride ourselves in the depth that we have here. They know what their role is on the team and nothing changes. I thought that Andy (Rose) played really well, guys came in and stepped up.” (On penalty kick goal…) “I just knew that I had to score. My teammates and coaching staff gave me the confidence to take the kick and I knew that I had to step up and score. It was an important time in the game and there was only one thought on mind—put it in the back of the net.”