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Is Brad Evans’ future on defense for Sounders?

Brad Evans has been a fixture for the Sounders in the midfield since the team’s inception. But after his recent stint with the US national team as the right back, Evans could be used on defense as soon as Saturday against Real Salt Lake.

“We’ll see what happens on Saturday,” Evans said after Thursday’s practice. “Wherever I fill in, I’ll fill in.

“There’s aspects I can take away that I learned playing right back and I can apply those whether it’s center mid, right mid, left mid, whatever it is. You don’t have time to think of it as an adjustment, it’s just, ‘Do it.’ That’s it.”

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid said Evans’ ceiling as a player is probably higher at right back than as a midfielder in terms of what the national team needs.

“Obviously his potential in the national team probably as a central midfielder is not as great as it is as a right back, or even possibly as a wide right midfielder. But that’s fine too,” Schmid said.

“There are a lot of guys who played one position for their national team, and a different position for their club team. For us sometimes there’s been a situation where we played him wide this year as well, and we’ve played him inside. A lot of that is because we had to use him in those positions.”

Evans said it took some time to feel comfortable at the new position. He said the national team experience, and scoring the winning goal vs. Jamaica, has been a highlight for him.

“[In a radio interview yesterday] they played some audio from the Jamaica game and I didn’t really realize how important that goal was. A big step, especially it being the first of three qualifiers, kind of setting the tone and giving confidence moving forward.

“Most importantly, I’m happy for the team—happy for U.S. Soccer. It’s been a tremendous month and I’ll always remember it.”