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Looks like end of Montero era in Seattle (and more on Martinez, stadium security, Sigi)

Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer said no deal has been struck, but there is substance to the reports that Sounders all-time leading scorer Fredy Montero may be headed to Sporting Lisbon of Portugal.

“I will confirm it’s not a rumor. So I guess in one of the very rare cases of being asked about various transfers over five years, this one is not a rumor, but nothing is done. And we’ll obviously announce something if and when it happens.”

On possible allocation money to Seattle: “I can’t really speak to it at this point. It’s a nuance to the MLS rules that I’m not comfortable -- first, that I have my arms wrapped around; and, second, that has ever been explored. ... The details of the transaction are, I would say, being finalized.”

On the complications of the three-team transaction: “There are a bunch of parties involved; and on any transfer, multiple parties have to agree and the player has to want to do it, the selling entity has to want to do it.”

On if this would be an ideal end game: “I’m not sure there’s an ideal end game. I love Fredy as a player and a person, and he’s been a very important part of the history of this club. There was certainly an option, and there could always be an open door down the line, but it’s football, it’s soccer, this is the way it goes. Players come and go, and ultimately what we have to focus on is trying to win a championship this year: That’s all we’re focused on. So to some degree this transaction is somewhat on the periphery to that objective, because he’s not here on the team and he wasn’t going to be here on the team this year. So it sort of makes it independent of this.”

More on Montero's legacy in Seattle: “For me, it’s a bit sentimental because Chris Henderson and I spent a lot of time in Colombia and spent a lot of time scouting, spent time with Fredy and his representatives. Again, I feel like he was a kid when he got here. On the field I’m not sure you’d ever say he was a kid, because as soon as he got here he was influential: scored the first goal in the history of the franchise, scored a lot of big goals and spectacular goals. I guess I’m proud that he was a big part of the franchise and that he developed into a really good young man while he was here, because we want to win soccer games, develop soccer players and develop good young men -- which, again, is why the door is always open. You never know. Lamar Neagle is a good example of a guy who seems to have nine lives with the Sounders: goes away, comes back, goes away, comes back.”

On this as a good career move for Montero: “I wouldn’t want to put words in Fredy’s mouth. The Portuguese league is a good league in Europe. Sporting has played Champions League somewhat regularly, lot of visibility in the league. So again, I can’t get in the mind of Fredy to know, but certainly he’s not going to -- no offense -- the Swedish second division.”

On what happens is the deal falls through: He’s still under the control of Millonarios in that situation.”

Turning to other topics, Hanauer also said:

* The Sounders decided to institute the metal-dectition policy at CenturyLink because they're convinced it needs to be done. He understands the inconvenience, but he likened it to his not liking to take off his shoes at airport security: not loving it, but accepting it.

* No news on Mario Martinez yet. He said the June 30 drop dead date might not be as purely drop dead as advertized, but that Martinez won't be in uniform Wednesday against D.C. United unless a deal is completed by then. In the meanwhile, Martinez is expected back at training tomorrow.

(This didn't come from Adrian, but also expected back at training tomorrow is Sounders coach Sigi Schmid. Brian Schmetzer presided over practice today, said he has taked to Sigi post-op, and that indiations are the knee-replacement surgery went well.)