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GM explains Sounders metal-detection decision

Here's what Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer had to say today about the club decision announced yesterday to have fans go through metal-detection procedures before entering the stadium for all future home games:

"Our No. 1 focus is on keeping our fans safe when they come to our games," he said. "There’s a decent amount of craziness in the world these days, and our calculation is that 15 seconds or a minute or three minutes of inconvenience is worth the peace of mind for most of our fans and the organization to try to safeguard against anything crazy happening. People don’t like change. I don’t like taking my shoes off at the airport. But I’ve gotten over it, and I suck it up, and stand in line a little longer. It’s kind of the way it is. The decision wasn’t meant in any sort of disrespectful or non-trusting way. It was just our calculation of what was right at this time in our organization."

On whether the motivation is to prevent a major terrorism-type event, or a more individual weapon-in-stands type of incident: Yes, to all of the above. There are added security measures in a lot of things we do these days – unfortunately. It’s tragic that we’ve gotten to this place, but it’s kind of reality. I think it’s a trend, so I don’t think it’s going the other way anytime soon.

On how he feels about the roll-out of the decision and making the decision without input from Alligance Council: We could always do a better job of communicating and making decisions and including more people, and including more people for a longer period of time. I think this was one that we were going to do. And so, to some degree, I guess the thought was it doesn’t make much sense to drag this out and sugar-coat it and try to convince people who don’t think it’s a good idea that it’s a good idea, because we’re going to do it. So, could we have done a better job? Probably. But again, the result would have been the same. But again, that said, we do want to do as good a job of being inclusive and making sure that our fans are part of the process and feel good about the process. So if we screwed up in that arena, then hopefully we’ll fix it the next time.