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Coach assesses scrimmage, updates personnel

The Sounders went through a sometimes-heated full-field scrimmage today at Starfire. ("Heated" in this case just means some words between Eddie Johnson and Patrick Ianni, with keeper Marcus Hahnemann joining in against Johnson. Bottom line didn't seem much more than you'd see five times a day in pick-up games at the Y.)

Afterward coach Sigi Schmid shared his thoughts on the work and updated the status of some of his players:

On the scrimmage: When guys are emotionally involved it’s good. In Germany there’s a saying; “You need a spark to have a fire, and you always want a fire on your team, so it’s OK to have some sparks. I thought the guys competed. I thought the game was good. Good goals. Eddie’s first goal was a good goal. … Good goal by Estrada and good goaly by Sammy. It was good. We got out of it what we wanted. We got the work out of it that we wanted as well.

On DeAndre Yedlin's return from national-team duty, and Mario Martinez's departure for Gold Cup duty: DeAndre gets in tonight. … Martinez, it’s a little bit of a confusing situation because we were told that he was not going to get called in to the Gold Cup roster, and now that the coach called him in to the Gold Cup, when exactly the team has to report in we’re a little bit unsure in. So it’s a little bit of a limbo, confusion state right now.

On Yedlin's play at U-20 World Cup: I thought he acquitted himself very well. I thought his ability to get forward got shown. He was able to display his speed. You don’t want to say they’re kids, because they’re already 19 and 20 years old, but there are still mistakes sometimes that happen, but I thought DeAndre played well.

On Yedlin's shoulder injury: He fell on his shoulder. (Sounders head athletic trainer Randy Noteboom) already has communicated with the trainer of the national team. It’s a minor separation. He also said that his strength was good, and his range of motion was good afterward; it’s just that he didn’t feel comfortable at times. That’s the kind of injury that sometimes it just takes two or three days just to calm down a little bit and then you’re OK. But it’s good to know that his strength was good and his range of motion. So we’ll have to evaluate him tomorrow and we’ll see.

On if he might play Wednesday vs. D.C. United: Yeah, definitely.

On Lamar Neagle and Osvaldo Alonso, who were still limited today: By Monday we probably think Lamar is in training, and Alonso’s going to be very close.