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Riley and DC on "disheartening" loss in Seattle

Here's some of what D.C. United had to say tonight after their 2-0 loss to the Sounders:

Defender JAMES RILEY On coming back to Seattle...) "Obviously it was great to come back, but for us to not get the result was disheartening. I know we put a lot into this game and I thought we could sneak one by them, but they are a quality side and they punished us for our mistakes. Words can't describe coming back. Going to the south end and getting that type of reception is a testament to the city of Seattle, all of the supporter groups, and the fans. To know that my legacy is much bigger than my performance as a soccer player is the most warming thing. To know that my service to the community, my play on the field, and just the total character of what it is to be a sounder is something that means a lot to me. I am trying to do that in D.C as well. It took me three years to do that in Seattle and to still get that reception is amazing. I can't put any words on it."

Coach BEN OLSENOn the game …) “I thought we gave them a bit too much respect early. The fire that we brought to the first 10-15 minutes – I thought they were just way more physical. But then we get that part right half way through the first half and we seem to build on that the rest of the game. It’s tough to say, but I was pleased with most of the way we played -- the way we built up our attack. But again, the final stuff just isn’t there. The quality just isn’t there. It’s a very frustrating thing because we’re getting the right numbers there, we’re getting in the right situations to get good service … the numbers are there. It’s just not clicking.” On if help is on the way …) “There’s some help at home as well, which I think would’ve helped us a little bit tonight. We’re looking. We are looking for help. But again, I still feel solid about this team. I’m not blowing smoke. I still like a lot of what I saw tonight. That’s one of the frustrating parts about this – I like so much about parts of our group. We’re just not getting the final stuff right. I mean, we turn off on one play and it costs us. It was an unchallenged header and it goes to an unchallenged guy who threads a through ball to their striker, who has a free path to goal. That’s not good. That’s one play. It’s probably one of the only plays we turned off all game and we got punished. They’re a good enough team that they can hold a lead so that part is frustrating. We’ve got to score some goals.”

On any issues with his $2,000 fine …) “I expected it. It builds up. It wasn’t the first time that I didn’t think the referees did a good job this year. For the most part, I’ve held my tongue as long as I could. At some point, it boils over. I felt for the guys. It was more for the team.”

Defender ETHAN WHITEGeneral thoughts...) "I don't think we worked hard enough and I think we may have given them too much respect at the beginning. Once we stepped up and actually made some tackles and we woke up and realized that we were men too then the game changed. I think we underestimated the speed of their forwards and they got behind us. As the game went on I think we got more and more comfortable. The second goal was just a case of our guys pushing forward and one of their players getting behind us, but it is still a loss" On it getting harder as the season goes on...) "It is frustrating, but we are not playing ourselves out of the game. We are losing 1-0 so if we can get one goal or not give up a goal then we are still in it, but we are missing a little something. I feel like we are getting better, but there is still something we have to get." Forward CHRIS PONTIUS On what was missing) "It is still the final ball. It is all about once we cross it or take a player one on one our decision making in the final third. We do well to get in positions like that, but we have to be a lot better. That is the difference between this year and last year. Last year we were getting players in the box and making real runs. We were fit boys who were hard to handle and we just haven't been that this year." (On if you were happy with parts of the game tonight...) "You obviously have to respect [Obafemi] Martins and [Eddie] Johnson's speed and [Lamar] Neagle when he comes in. I thought we did a decent job dropping when we needed too, but the two plays that we messed up on ended up being two goals. Other than those two plays [Sounders] don't have very much going for them. It's a loss though. No goals for us. It has to get better. It's not a fun situation. I can't stand losing. I hate it.