Sounders Insider

GM: Not enough people handled stadium wanding ... but don't know why yet

The Sounders and their fans know that something went wrong with the new security procedures that greeting fans at the stadium gates Wednesday, resulting in long lines and late entries.

However, the club is still investigating exactly what went wrong, while vowing to get things right by the next home game on July 20.

"We clearly didn’t have enough people dealing with the wanding," general manager Adrian Hanauer said. "I don’t know why we didn’t have enough people, how we came to the conclusion that X-number of people were the right number of people, whether there were extenuating circumstances. My hunch is it was a late-arriving crowd because it was a week night and there was traffic, but that’s no excuse. We need to be prepared for whoever shows up, whenever. So, that’s the one thing I’m fairly certain of, but I’d hate to comment on anything else until we do a full post mortum."