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Sounders regret chances that weren't finished

Here's some more of what the Sounders had to say last night after their 2-0 loss at Vancouver (there's more from coach Sigi Schmid in a post below).

SCHMID:On whether injuries affected the starting lineup: “We didn’t think Alonso was quite ready so our feeling with Alonso was to make sure he was 100% ready and we think that’ll be the case next week. Yedlin, we didn’t feel he could go much beyond 60 so we decided to bring him off the bench. One of my beliefs is that you don’t change your back four in a tight game; I went against my own principle and we took a goal right away from that so I’ve got to stick with my principles.” On whether he could have made tactical changes during the match:“I thought we played all right. There was almost a situation where sometimes you feel like you need to make a change in a game and maybe we weren’t creating as many chances in that 60-70 minute mark but on the whole we were still carrying the game, we were still creating chances so there probably really wasn’t a necessity to change.” On losing to Whitecaps FC for the first time: “Even at 2-0 we thought that we’d be capable of coming back, for sure at 1-0 we felt we could come back. All good things come to an end and so obviously it came to an end today. I thought we had some good combination play up front, I thought we put ourselves in some very dangerous spots. The quality of our crossing still needs to be better, I think there were some good situations we put ourselves in and that’s something we’ve got to get back to as well.” Forward LAMAR NEAGLE: On his team’s inability to score:“It’s just one of those games where we had a bunch of chances and they literally have one chance at the beginning and finish it. I had like six or seven chances alone and I can’t finish; it’s just one of those games.” On taking positives from the defeat:“You do [take things out of the match], we got good build up play but if you can’t finish then it doesn’t matter how good you play. It’s all about the result in the end and we didn’t get it so it’s very disappointing for us.” On Brad Knighton’s goalkeeping performance: “He did a good job but we still had way too many chances to not score one goal. He did well, he had a good game. He came out and pressured us at the right times but still; I had two chances and I should have both of them scored.” Midfielder BRAD EVANS On the frustration of losing to Cascadia rivals:“You see both sides of it, that’s why it’s a great sport and that’s why it’s one of the worst sports, it’s that feeling you get coming out of the locker room, thought you did everything you could and just couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net.” On what more Seattle could’ve done to win the match:“We couldn’t have created any more chances, we had the chances we just didn’t finish them so bottom line is finish your chances but also keep it tight in the defence. Two bouncing balls cost us the game. We got scored on early, now you’re chasing; push guys forward and get scored on late, that’s the difficult part of it.” On his side’s strategy: “If you look at our chances, it’s the most we’ve created all season, we had a game plan and I thought we stuck to it well. With their team, they have very good players and players that have played at the highest level . At the end of the day, it’ll be those two long balls that stick out. Do we have to be a little more cautious and let them build? I don’t think we want to let them build because their players are so skilled in the midfield and they caught us twice so that’s the price that we pay.” MIDFIELDER SHALRIE JOSEPH On the team’s good performance despite the loss:“At the end of the day we lost, that’s a heartbreaking feeling. We didn’t get the result that I think we deserved. We definitely played better than we have in the last couple of games. We created chances, we got our creative guys on the ball, got enough chances but we just weren’t able to finish; next week I’m sure we’ll do better with those chances if we get them again.” On Sounders FC creating chances:“The guys were getting me the ball in the attacking spots. I always look to get everybody involved and try to create chances. With Eddie and Oba [Obafemi Martins] you just got to slide them in and play their feet and they’re so comfortable on the ball, once you get them the ball they’ll score, they’ll get a shot on goal; I expect better from them next week. Hopefully we can keep playing like we did tonight but get results at the end of the day.” On the team’s current form:“The team’s playing great. At the end of the day you got to win games like that. If we put away those chances in the first half, it’s a different story.”