Sounders Insider

Sounders believe stadium wanding will go better

The Sounders once again will have metal-detection wands at CenturyLink Field Saturday before their 1 p.m. match against Colorado. The debut of the wanding process at the last home game was pretty much a disaster, but general manager Adrian Hanauer believes the club will get it right this time.

"We have a plan in place that includes considerably more manpower thrown at the issue," he said today. "We believe a better process, a test at the Gold Cup game, and we're confident that it will go smoother this time. It's not going to be perfect: It's an added process, it's an added step in the process of getting into the building and there's just no way to make that go exactly like it did before. But if we can keep the delays at an absolute minimum then we'll feel like we've solved the issue."