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Two errors opened door to Rapids' lone goal

Here's some of what goalkeeper Andrew Weber had to say today after being part of a misplayed corner kick that allowed Colorado to draw with the Sounders in Seattle this afternoon, 1-1.

"The corner kick, it caught the wind, and I mistimed it. I caught it with my fingertips. We were in between who was marking up on Drew Moor, and like I said I mistimed it and he just tucked it away. I could have been better on the play and I think we could have been better on marking. It’s unfortunate. ... He hit the corner, I stepped forward, mistimed it. I was hoping one of our guys was going to be there, but it wasn’t; it was one of their guys. It’s just something I have to move forward on. I can’t dwell on it. I made a save afterwards. … It is what it is. It’s a tie. We can still get seven points out of nine. It’s not bad.