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Rapids win "pretty important point" in Seattle

logorapids-19[1]Here's some of what the Colorado Rapids had to say after their 1-1 draw today at CenturyLink Field:

Coach Oscar Pareja(On coming out of Seattle with one point...) "Pretty important point for us, definitely. I think the team fought through the 90-plus minutes and I have to give the credit to the boys that make an effort to get a result. We could walk out with three points for sure and that's a little of the frustration that we have, because I can sense that this group is ambitious now and they know they can win. But at the same time, we walk out with one point against Seattle and a tough atmosphere and I guess a good team as well, so we were happy." (On the importance of surviving the early rush from Seattle...) "It's always like that when you face Seattle. You know they're going to come at you. We wanted to control the ball, but the first 10-15 minutes, we couldn't. But the team was solid in the back and trying to get control in the game and as I say, it's been a tough past two weeks because the traveling and we played on Wednesday and I have to remark the effort that the boys made and our fitness coach and assistant Paul Caffrey. I thought they made remarkable work this week." (On what is making the difference in the defense over the past few games...) "The character, the desire. I think we are all on the same page. It seems like if Shane [O'Neill] is in the middle, if Shane is on the right for [Drew] Moor for [German] Mera who is coming in the games, everybody is on the same page. That connection is important."

(On whether Shane O'Neill is on the right learning curve...) "Yeah, because it's something that we have been pointing out on clearing the ball. When we clear it, we have to clear it hard. With him, it's like that. We all learning from the mistakes, but I'm very happy with his performance."

(On his reason for subbing German Mera in for Marvell Wynne...) "Marvell was getting tired at the end. He made a huge effort in the last game. We knew that we would have Marvell probably 65-70 minutes and bring in it's a natural change. Shane knows the position as a right back. We wanted to refresh in the middle."

(On why he brought Edson Buddle into the game as a sub rather than a starter...) "Just trying to get some fresh legs on [for Atiba Harris] who played just 45 minutes in the past game. And Edson, we knew what he could give us, and I think he had an opportunity in the second half to give us the three points, so the plan worked well." (On what it means to the team to get a point in Seattle for the first time...) "It's huge. We wanted the three points, because as I say, this group is becoming ambitious now. They know they can win and that experience and that personality that we have developed and cultured within the group is there. We're happy with a point, but I see faces there that they knew we could get three, and that's a big improvement." (On whether it was his plan to sub in Anthony Wallace...) "We'd react to that game at that moment because the game was asking that someone that can have feet in the left, who can work as well, naturally, and Wally can give us that in that zone. So that way we can move [Atiba] on the right and have more solidness when Gonzales was coming out. So having two flank players that can come and work and at the same time have some feet, it was the intention. And as I say, Wally did a great job. (On whether the team was prepared for how aggressive Seattle would be on restarts and throw-ins...) "Yeah, yeah, we knew. Because the urgency - and I'm going to say this with all my respect because we have been in that position too - the inspiration to make the things happen at home and get the points, is there. And we knew that the team, that Seattle, is going to come with that attitude, and so it was for us to control it and just work the game out." Drew Moor - Colorado Rapids Defender(On his second goal of the season...) "I think that I might have stolen that goal from Nick [LaBrocca]. I had a man-marking me on the previous corners and just before the goal nobody really marked me so on the next corner I stepped out of the box hoping that nobody would mark me. I think that [Mauro] Rosales shifted over a little late and it was just a perfect ball from Nick [LaBrocca]. I think I actually beat the ball to the back of the net." (On the defensive improvement over the last few games...) "Well, first of all we got Shane [O'Neil] back and that was huge. His record speaks for itself and when he is on the field we play with a lot of confidence. I think we are just doing a better job of staying concentrated. We all have to be on the same page which I think we have been. We have a healthy competition between the back defenders and when you are training as hard as you can games become that much easier."

(On your schedule getting lighter...) "I don't think that it does get that much lighter. We have been playing a lot of games, but we have the Galaxy and Salt Lake coming. I think we only have one Eastern Conference game left. It is really important to get points right now. We have really been pushing for that the last couple of weeks. This is where we can make things easier for us come September and October. We have to be in playoff mode right now." Nick LaBrocca - Colorado Rapids Midfielder (On playing more aggressive on defense...) "I am just trying to be aggressive. I just keep looking for opportunities and taking them when I see them. We were just trying to mix it up so that we aren't as predictable. Maybe rush their decisions so that we make our lives in the back a little easier. Try to make it so that they are having to play a 20 yard ball instead of a 10 or 15 yard ball." (On the condition of the field...) "It was playing pretty fast. Turf is already pretty fast and they wet it down here so that it becomes even faster. I really enjoyed it. [Sounders FC] does a great job taking care of everything around here and they just do it right."