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Hahnemann on TV work, beer, makeup, petting zoo

The interview kind of went its own way from there.

On the pregame work: It was pretty fun. ... At the end of it when they said “How’d you do?” I said “I didn’t swear.” So that was the good part.

On if TV work is tougher than being a goalkeeper: That’s a little bit easier. You can be drinking beer while you’re doing that, so I’d rather be doing that.

On if he wore makeup: No, surprisingly, because normally I wear lots of makeup. I left it that day and thought I would get it when I got to the studio.

On if it increases his respect for Kasey Keller's TV work: No, of course not.

On if he's thinking about a media gig after his playing career: No, I’m thinking about my stupid hamstring that’s giving me fits right now. Obviously, that’s one of the fun jobs you could get into when you’re done, because you’re kind of involved, you’re going to the games, you’re still involved with the sport. So that and coaching are probably the biggest things that you can stay involved with the pro game. And I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. We’ll see. But right now I’m still fighting with this stupid hamstring. Me and Josh (Ford) were doing a little bit of training today – him with his knee and me with my hamstring – we’re hobbling around. But it’s getting better. (He had no predication on when he'll be ready to return to action.)

On the frustration of missing this opportunity to play: The older you get, your chances become limited: just the sheer number. I was telling Josh today, I go, ‘Man if I were a horse I’d be in the paddock right now and kids would come over and pet me. No one could ride me anymore, and they’d be feeding me carrots. “I used to go on these trail rides and climb mountains and stuff, and now I’m at the petting zoo.” It was a little bit frustrating, but it is what it is. There’s no words to describe how frustrating it is. If Michael were still playing it would have been a little bit easier to take. If would have been “OK, I’m going to get myself fit,” but when he goes down in San Jose you’re thinking, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’

Coach Sigi Schmid said he understands.

"It’s a difficult situation for Marcus, because obviously you sit there as a reserve goalkeeper and you’re waiting for a chance to play and now you have a situation where the first-string goalkeeper gets injured, so now is your opportunity to play and Marcus has been a quality goalkeeper over the years and you’re injured at the same time," Schmid said. "So from that standpoint, I understand Marcus’ frustration. And for us as a club, it’s the reason we brought Marcus here: If something happened to Michael that we’d have a quality reserve goalkeeper that could go into the game. And for them both to be injured at the same time has made it difficult."