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Chivas USA -- and Schmid -- react to controversy

LogoChivasChivas USA released this statement today in the wake of a "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel" episode now airing on HBO, which investigated claims of discriminatory hiring practices:

One of the biggest strengths we have at Chivas USA is the talented and dedicated employees that make up our community, in which diversity prevails by having different nationalities, cultures and beliefs. Chivas USA is formed by employees from Argentina, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Spain, and the United States. We aim to work in an environment reigned by harmony, regardless of skin color, language, and beliefs, which is also the base to one of our greatest strengths, as it allows multiple ideas to flow and complement each other.

Therefore, we are disappointed by the intent of some individuals who have chosen to use our diversity to define our club as a racist and discriminatory environment by reporting an incomplete and one-sided story in order to damage the image of Chivas USA and the hard working individuals who are part of our community.

At Chivas USA we are all part of the same Red-and-White colors and ideology, which strives for both personal and professional fulfillment on and off the field.

We absolutely reject any form of discrimination and racism.

“Our true nationality is mankind.” H. G. Wells

(As a side note for whatever it's worth, Chivas put out this press release -- and routinely all press releases -- in Spanish followed by English translation.)

Chivas plays at Seattle on Sunday, and therefore local media asked coach Sigi Schmid about the controversy after training today."I know (coaches Daniel Calichman and Theothoros Chronopoulos, who sued after being fired) and some of the other people who were on there. It’s something that’s been out there for a while. It’s obviously an issue. I think it’s a Chivas issue. I don’t think it’s a Sounder issue, I don’t think it’s an MLS issue; I think it’s a Chivas issue, and hopefully they’ll find resolution in the appropriate manner.

Schmid was asked if the controvery might be a factor in the game Sunday:

"The team is aware of it," he said, "but I don’t think it’s a big important part of conversation within the team. All the guys know some guys who have been down in Chivas, who have played there, they’ve talked to them. I think the attitude within the team is, ‘Well, that’s them; that’s not us.’ … It’s something that should be more on (Chivas’) minds than it is on ours.”