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Dallas on 3-0 loss: "Just let this one go"

Here's some of what FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman had to say tonight after its 3-0 loss to the Sounders:

On moving forward:“The comment was just let this one go. We’ll try to refocus on the next one.” On whether his team’s scoring dry spell is being caused by back luck: “No, I just don’t think we’re playing – I don’t think we’re in good form. I don’t think we created enough opportunities. It seems like we’re very content with keeping the ball but not really going anywhere. So when you look at the chances we had, I think [Mauro] Diaz had a nice move at the top of the box, or in the box, and just put it a little bit wide, but it was probably our only really good chance.” On whether playing in Seattle was tougher tonight given the pregame announcement of Clint Dempsey’s arrival:“I don’t think that really mattered. I thought the pregame announcement I thought might be a more of a distraction for the players. But again, you look at the first half and the two goals we gave up, and they’re both stoppable goals. I thought we played much better in the second half” On whether warming up his bench players after the Sounders’ second goal was to send a message to his team:“I don’t think that had any message at all. It was just that we try to warm them up throughout the game so they’re not sitting the whole time.” On whether it was tough to get Blas Perez back in the rhythm of the team after the Gold Cup series: “Yeah, I think, you know what, it’s a tough place to play as you all know. For our players who aren’t used to playing on an artificial surface, the balls are just skidding a little bit away from us, so give a lot of credit to Seattle for giving us a struggle in the first half. I wish we would have came out and played a little bit better.” On whether FC Dallas’ scoreless streak is compounding the team’s performance: “Sure it does. I don’t think the players have really got the whole grasp of it; but for the coaches, we’re very frustrated. We were just talking about that before y’all walked in. We need to maybe get away a little bit from some of the things we’ve been doing in training and put more into our attacking patterns.” On whether he was surprised his team gave up early goals: “Yeah, it was one of the three points we brought up and that was, ‘don’t give up an early goal,’ because we felt that the crowd obviously was going to put us under pressure and the last thing we wanted to do was give up an early goal so that we had to be chasing the game. And we did.”