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Hahnemann gets shutout in Sounders FC debut

According to the club, Hahnemann now holds the record for longest lapse in MLS appearances at 14 years, 1 month and 8 days. The previous record was Carlos Bocanegra (9 years, 8 months and 29 days).

Here's some of what he (and coach Sigi Schmid) had to say:

SCHMID:It was a great night for Marcus. I’m glad he was healthy enough to be able to come back. We talked before the game, and he said, ‘You know, I’m about 95 percent.’ He said to our trainer, ‘If I have to be 100 percent, I wouldn’t have played many games in my career. So 95 percent is really really good.’ And it’s a really big hamstring, so it took a while to get it back into shape. … His presence and his experience certainly helped us. That’s the reason we brought him here. I’m really thrilled for him to be able to get out in a league game – and MLS game – in front of his home crowd in his home city. There’s no better feeling.

HAHNEMANNOn what is was like being back out on the field playing with the Sounders: “Well I got a tweet last night saying something about a 14 year something, and I sent one back saying ‘when was the last Sounders league appearance’ and it was 16 years. You know it’s an incredible time, my career has been unbelievable, I’ve been so blessed and you know Kasey (Keller) said something like ‘You’re so unlucky to be injured right now’ and I said ‘I’m 41, and I’m still playing and I’m able to make it back today. I’m not quite 100 percent, but I was able to have a really good training yesterday and everything went well so we thought that we would go ahead and try it today, and it worked out. We got a clean sheet which was absolutely awesome and I got one more chance to play in front of this crowd. It it’s great, I’ll take it. You know it was worth the risk today to try and do it.”

On what the quick first goal did for the team: “Oh yeah, I mean the goal that Obafemi (Martins) scored in the first eight minutes gave us some breathing room and I knew that we were going to pop up again and what a great day.”

On the shutout: “Well we’ve got a really good team in front of us. They did such a solid job today and we kept their chances to a minimum which was key. I came out for a couple of crosses, I was only able to get my fingertip on one corner, but it was just enough to keep it going. Sometimes that’s all that you have to do, and it’s just a great day. Standing here and listening to the crowd afterwards, I’m just soaking it in because it is just incredible.”