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Zach Scott says Dempsey signing shows "how serious this club takes winning;" Traore says "great" x4

"It’s pretty mind-blowing to be honest," Scott said. "It’s not something I expected and to be honest it’s not something anybody on the team expected – especially a player of his caliber – not to take anything away from our other signings that were DPs. But he just looks like a guy that you just expect to see playing in Europe. But it’s fantastic. It really shows just how serious this club takes winning, to go out and get a player like that. It’s a great direction that the club is going in, and I think it’s going to be really positive for us."

I also was curious to hear from defender Djimi Traore, whose 15 or so seasons in Europe must have given him persepective on big-name signings and actual difference-making signings.

"It’s good for us," he said. "I think he will make a difference here, and he’s a good addition to the team. I think we need this kind of player on the team. It’s big for us – captain of the U.S. team. He could do great, great, great, great things for us."

Hahnemann) I think he deserved it. I’m pleased for him, his first time to play in MLS this year. I’m pleased for him, and we keep the clean sheet. That is good for us as well. You can see now that we have three good goalkeepers – I can say four as well.