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Out today, Dempsey still could make Saturday debut

Clint Dempsey missed what had been scheduled to be his first training session as a Sounder today. Here's coach Sigi Schmid's update:

"Probably with all the activities and everything else and just the busyness of his schedule, he ended up coming down with a little bit of a virus yesterday and was sick. It was better for him to stay home today. It was the decision of the doctors."

On whether he could still play Saturday in Toronto: We’ll see. We’ll see how he feels tomorrow and what his recovery is. Today is Tuesday: We’re still a long way away from Saturday, and we’ll see how he feels at the end of the day. The likelihood of him going 90 minutes on Saturday is probably very small. But whether that’s starting and coming off or whether that’s coming in as a sub, we’ll have to see.

On if a player of his quality can get by without introductory training: Good players know how to play, so they’re going to be able to play. But it’s still good for him to get some training time with the team. He really hasn’t done much in the last week, so for him just to get the muscles going and the legs going again is important. It’s just getting some activity, getting some condition, getting some time with the guys – all that helps.

On the system that might be built around Dempsey: I’ve always been a coach who believes that the way you play, you try to do that around the player personality that you have. … You’ve got to adjust how you play to your personnel and adjust to their strengths and try to use their strengths for the best of the ability of your team. ... I think we have options. Even with Clint, Clint’s played behind a foreward, he’s played up front, he’s played wide left. He’s played different places as well.