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Toronto reacts to 2-1 loss to Sounders

Here is some Toronto FC reaction after their three-game unbeaten streak ended with a 2-1 loss to the Sounders:

Ryan Nelsen – Head Coach, Toronto FC What are your thoughts on today’s game? I thought they played an overall good game. They came out in the second half and they were determined, showed character and showed belief.

What did you say to the team at halftime? I didn’t really say anything. I’m not going to take credit as there was no ‘magic’ halftime speech. I thought they played well in the first half it was just two silly errors. I was very disappointed on the first goal. The second goal as well was a bit unlucky and a bit unfortunate. The lead up to the second goal wasn’t good. Besides those two errors they played very well, I just think they didn’t get the last pass right and didn’t bounce their way. The second half was just a continuation was there was just a more cutting edge.

What did you make of the marking on the second goal? It’s a tough decision where you have to either stay with the line or follow the run and Ashton got caught in between. All the strikers were in an offside position but with the ball going over to the back post that made them onside which made it look a lot worse than it really is. In saying that, the boys had three or four seconds to react to the cutback by Eddie Johnson. Normally they are very good with that as we are always working on that. We try not to concede very soft goals and that was a very soft goal.

Jeremy Brockie – Forward, Toronto FC Final home game, you must have some great experiences to take home with you? It would have been nice to finish that chance at the end and walk away with a point and a happy ending to leave BMO Field. I have enjoyed my time while I have been here, the fans have been great but it’s a shame I couldn’t have put a few more in the back of the net.

Did you know you were onside for that final chance? Yeah, I did know I was onside. I haven’t seen a replay of it yet.

What do you remember most about your time here? Great bunch of boys in the change room. I came over here to help Ryan out and the last few results were very positive. This club is heading in the right direction. I will take some good little pointers that Ryan has given me back to the A-League.

Has there been any talks regarding a possible return? There was a little brief discussion but obviously if I go back and in two weeks’ time if the opportunity arises to come back to Toronto in the future, I will take a look at it from both ends. I still have two more games and they are two winnable games that I would like to take six points away from.

Jonathan Osorio – Midfielder, Toronto FC How do you rate your performance so far in MLS? I know I have the talent to play in this league and I know I am trying to improve my weaknesses that I have.

What are your thoughts on your supporting cast, especially the likes of recent additions of Bobby Convey and Matias Laba? We have lots of weapons on our team and we are playing well together for 90 minutes but we were unlucky to give up those two goals. Matias beside me is great, he has been great beside me all season, and he is very consistent and makes my job a lot easier. Playing with those players is a lot of fun.

Where do you need to improve and how much have you grown in your MLS career? I need more experience. I need to gain more experience with and without the ball. I have grown a lot as I have become a smarter player with the timing of my runs, my tackles and knowing when and where to be at the right time.

Doneil Henry – Defender, Toronto FC What happened with the second goal? There was a deflection, hit off my foot and went in the net. It is pretty simple and unlucky as there wasn’t much I could have done about that situation. Overall I thought we played a very good game. I just kept my head up and continued playing my game.

For the first goal was it a matter of you thinking he was offside? Yeah, there was confusion as we thought he was offside at the back post but we were very unlucky for that goal.

How far away are you from reaching your potential? I think I am playing because I am supposed to be playing and I am capable of playing. I think that even on other teams I could start at center back. As soon as the ball starts bouncing our way there won’t be a problem. I think if we can just do our jobs as a team and start winning some games, there will be no problem.